11 Feb 2012

Helsinki Again!

I have been busy, busy, but I wanted to say bye and close Spark's season two in Mysore properly. I came back to Finland in the beginning of February. I can leave Mysore, but Mysore never leaves me...

I was really busy during my last days in Mysore. I really tried not to get too busy, but I have so many amazing friends there and I wanted to see them all before going home. So it was chaotic. And then you must have your last Indian brekkie, say bye to Sharath, do your last minute's shopping, have some chai, drink coffee at Barista, icecream at Coffee House,last conference, last led, last Mysore practice, last riksha/taxi/bike ride, and so on.

My last week's practices were amazing. I found my groove. I was very happy that my dear friend Aimee came to Mysore and I had time to be with her. All those rides with Bubba were special, too. Tasia and crazy rats... Cocos with Maria and days with Finnish girls. Chai with Helena. It was good to meet some new friends, too. The building, where I lived, was full of sweet yogis after some troubles. All the conferences were very important for me and my last talk with Sharath gave me hope. I walked out of his office feeling lighter once again. He smiled, when I said that: "See you in October."

I was expecting to have horrible practices back home, because it had been freezing here. I took four flights back home and the last change regarding my flights was at the airport in Bangalore. So my final itinerary was Bangalore-Mumbai-Brussels-Arlanda-Helsinki. I took one extra day off after those flights, but was back on the mat on Friday, 3rd Feb. And my practice has been fine. It has been solid. My back and leg have been pretty good. I do everything else as in Mysore, but I have been leaving drop-backs out. I do small Urdva Dhanurasana three times and that's it. Maybe when the weather gets warmer, I will have enough faith to do drop-backs again. But I am not in a hurry.

I have been feeling good. My practice has been strong. My body is so much stronger than before Mysore. One teacher here commented that: "Oh, you can do vinyasa again. It just makes me really content." All in all, it was easier to come back to Finland this time. I have my peace with Finland now. And a lovely, new home. And washing machine! I can stay here for a while and then I will fly again. Sharath will be teaching in New York in April and I would love to go. Just dreaming and waiting my money fairy to show up...

But my priority is a trip to Mysore again. Before that I will practice as usual and I will try to do my best to find some special hands to help my back. This practice will heal my back, I am sure about that. I haven't seen a doctor here, it looks to me that this practice is doing more good for me than any doctors or their medicines. I will see one chiropractor here during the coming week, but otherwise I will continue as usual. On the mat six days per week. Purifying my body and mind. Day after day. Sharath counting in my head.

Every morning I am saying thanks to Sharath, Guruji and my Mysore friends. See you here and there. You are in my heart anyway.

Have faith, stay humble, keep practicing. Don't forget the Source! I will do the same.



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