21 Dec 2010

Christmas Week, Is It Really?

Today was a Moonday again. I went to Three Sisters with Amberlin and Jenn. It’s a very cool place, where sisters will bring you delicious Indian food and you eat everything, what is on your plate. They will bring you more food until you say, that’s enough. I specially liked the desert, which was chapatti topped on honey, ghee and fresh, roasted coconut.

I have been eating lately quite much in Indian places. We have a secret breakfast place, where my dish is always set dosa, which is Indian pancakes with coconut chutney and spicy vegetable mix. Chai is so full of sugar there, that I have to ask them to add only little bit sugar. In Indian places the atmosphere is the best. You eat in the middle of the locals and you can observe them. I for example never drink water from the jars on the table anymore, after I saw one guy drinking directly from the jar. Not touching it with his lips, but it was enough for me to see, so that I will leave the jars alone in the future…

On Monday we went to Green Hotel for dinner and we ordered so much food, that I wasn’t sure, if we were able to finish it all. It’s so nice to eat with your friends so that you can try different kind of dishes. In Green Hotel the food is always excellent and now we have our own waiter Shivaling, because Brian overtipped him last time so much, that he literally loves us now. We got even tandoori salad before the oven was even open for other people. This is very typical thing in India, you can always pass the barriers with extra rupees. It’s sad, but it’s so true.

My last week’s practices 55, 56 and Monday’s practice 57 have been quite challenging. My back is giving me serious warnings, that it isn’t enjoying its time as much as I am enjoying my time in Mysore. On Sunday I got really scared, when I felt similar pain as when the disc between the vertebras came out during last Christmas and whole right side of my back was really hard and I felt how the muscles were totally stuck against the spine. I went to see Heidi and she gave me a light massage, but the right side is still getting cramps all the time and muscles aren’t working normally. I have been streching lightly and trying to observe the situation. I didn’t do dropbacks on Monday. My practice was quite good, but I have to be now supercareful. I have been using tiger balm, but it seems that it isn’t helping me. Tomorrow morning I have to think, if I am able to practice and how easily I have to practice. It is very difficult to find a balance with this problem. I want to practice, but I have to be also able to take some time off, if the back is hurting (before it’s too late). The massage course would start on 25th of December, but I don’t want to put any extra weight on my back and I decided that I am not starting it.

Tomorrow will be exciting day, because me and Swedish Linda-Maria are going to take care of Santosha’s breakfast. It’s my comeback as a waitress. I used to earn extra money during my studies as waitress and now I am going to freelance as waitress in Santosha. Ann and Magnus are going for their kids’ Christmas party to their school and we will help out a little bit in Santosha. Will be fun for sure!

I am now waiting my Christmas spirit to arrive, when Aimee will be back home tonight from Goa. I hope that she and her mum have had a lot of fun there, but we all are so happy to get them back here. Aimee is so good organizing parties and keeping the spirits up. We have to start to do some serious Christmas plans now. One thing is sure, we will practice normally through the whole Christmas time. The Christmas feeling hasn’t arrived here yet, but let’s see, if the coming days will create it. On Facebook I can see, how people are decorating their Christmas trees in Finland. Feels so strange here. At least I got a little bit Christmas feeling from home, when my sister sent me a Christmas calender and Christmas letter.

Enjoy your Christmas preparations!

16 Dec 2010

Practice N:o 54

Today’s practice was heavy. I felt that the whole energy was quite heavy today. One of my friends was crying in front of the Shala, when we went in. Yesterday here was a little tragedy, when one of the street dogs fell from the roof and died. Many yogis were there yesterday, saw the dog and they all were really upset.

Arne, who has been assisting here, left yesterday. We went for a goodbye lunch to an Italian restaurant and last night we gathered to Arne’s place. I made him a scarf and he gave me and Bubba blankets. It’s so sad to say goodbyes. This morning I said bye to Aimee and her mum, because they went to Goa for a little holiday. Luckily they are coming back, but right now Bubba and I are so lost here. Today, we will try to a new restaurant (called Vivian's) for me as well as we try to chear up a little bit.

Sometimes the practice can feel very mechanical. You just go through the poses, you don’t think that much. You almoust hope, that it’s done and you can go home and rest. Today I took a long Savasana at home, I slept three hours after my practice! I think that the sleep was very needed.

I did dropbacks today with Sharath and I had the wrong timing again. My back felt a little bit wierd yesterday, so I took easily today. No pain now, I think, that my back is just getting used to a new pose. Also Supta Kurma was yesterday really deep, which can affect the lower back.

I am so happy that I don’t have to be in Helsinki now. There is so much snow and I just got a message from Finland, that in Kajaani (where my parents live), there will be a cold Christmas. I wish I can spend my Christmas by the pool...

Try to hang on there Finns!

Practices N:o 51, 52 + 53 and Goodbyes

This week has been a good practice week. On Monday I had a really good practice and Saraswati told me that ”Today, possible.”, when I was doing backbendings. So I went down with her and it was okey. No pain and she lifted me up steadily. I still have no idea, how to come up, but she is very strong woman and she can take me up without problem. Yesterday I did the dropbacks with Sharath and we were laughing afterwards, because I know, that I am so heavy and he is just lifting me up. I hope that one day I will figure out, how to come up. Today I felt a light pain in my back, because I had completely wrong timing with Saraswati and then I was holding her arm, when I came up, because I was in such a wrong position. But all in all, it’s good to practice dropbacks and not feel so much pain.

Today my practice was heavy, but I just decided that I won’t care. I did Marichyasana three times on the left side, before I was able to close it. Sharath was standing next to me, when I finally closed and broke my nail at the same time. His face was worth to see, when I opened the pose and just took off my nail. Hah. I bet he saw a glimpse of my crazy pitta side today! He adjusted me with Supta Kurma, which is still extremely stiff, but today I got the best adjustment. He really pushed hard my lower back and my back was actually straight at least for a while. It is so good, when my back is straight, it is just so difficult to get it straight on my own. When the back is straight, then the weight goes right and the whole pose is more comfortable.

So actually when you really struggle and then you manage to do something, you learn the most. You learn, how strong your mind actually can be and you don’t give up too easily. It is very wicked thing that balance between pushing hard, but not too hard. Day by day I am learning more about my body and my mind, too. When I am listening my body more, I am making slow, but good progress. Sometimes the mind gets over and I forget the whole ahimsa, but during the next day I always try to start with calm mind. For me, ashtanga is most of all a very demanding mental practice.

This week is an enermous goodbye week. This is the only thing, which I don’t like in Mysore. I hate saying goodbyes. Yesterday was specially hard, because my dear friend Maria left. Maria has been one of my best friends here and I really miss her already. She is the best vegetarian soup cook, who I know, and her lemon rice is a killer. She is very beautiful and her smile is the best. Also my friend from Chile, Sebastian, left in the beginning of this week and soon Arne leaves to London. Aimee and her mum are going to Goa in the end of this week, so me, Bubba and Amberlin are kind of lost here. I hope that I could keep all this fantastic persons here forever, but it’s not possible. Hopefully, we see each other soon around the world. Or sooner or later, herein Mysore again.

Practice 50!

Yes, today I did my practice N:o 50 here. I am so happy that I have been able to practice here the whole time. I still feel pain in my back, but I can manage with that pain. In general, my body seems to be quite tired now, because after one day off, I still had quite hard time today with my practice. I was happy to be practicing next to Michael from Chile, who has practiced long time with John Scott. Michael’s practice is very energetic and strong, so I got part of his good flow.

I had a sleepless night again. That is affecting my practice a lot. I am shaking in Navasana and Uthita Hasta Padangusthasana is very wobbling. I usually don’t have difficulties to keep the balancing poses up in the end of Primary Series, but now I am shaking there, too. I really wish that I will get my sleep back soon, because I need that strength, which you get from your sleep. Otherwise the coming week will be so demanding. However, I was pleased with my Primary Series today, because I closed Marichyasana D on both sides again and felt only light pain on my back.

Yesterday I studied massaging techniques with Heidi. It was a good session and I was so happy to learn new things. Heidi works in Finland as a massage therapist and I really liked her massage. Like I thought, right side of my body is very blocked, but I was able to feel straight after the massage, which showed, how useful it was. I felt very relaxed, even sleepy. Unfortunately I couldn’t find that sleepy feeling, when I was going to bed. The massage course with Kumar should start in 20 or 22nd of December, but I haven’t received any new info. It will be quite demanding for my body too, because massaging is very physical and takes lot of your energy. I want to learn a little bit about different kind of bodies and anatomy before I go to Thailand, because I haven’t really studied anatomy before and it is so useful, what comes to your practice and adjusting.

I watched second group’s practice today again. It was nice to see Heidi’s practice properly today, because she has been practicing a lot in the corner before. She has a very strong practice and open back. At the moment only two girls are doing the whole led Second Series, but I think, that this is going to change during the coming two months, because new people are coming and the core group will change. It will be very interesting to see, what kind of like practices people will show in January, when the busiest time in Shala will start.

Aimee’s mum arrived here last week and today I am going to see Maria’s mum. It’s so much fun that their mums are here. Maria’s mum is a certified teacher and also Aimee’s mum has practiced here before with Saraswati. I wish that my mum would be here too. She would like these people and she could easily start practicing with Saraswati. My mum has been practicing yoga longer than I have, but she does hatha yoga. Actually my whole family does yoga, because my dad started yoga this autumn and my sister has also studied some ashtanga. In Guruji book people say, that children, who are born in yoga families, are blessed ones. I personally believe that my mum and dad has given me a very good example, what comes to healty lifestyle and importance of regular sports. I think that my parents look very young on their age and I would be more than pleased to be in such a good shape, when I will get older. Like Guruji says, yoga is for everyone, only not for lazy people.

Practices N:o 47, 48 and 49

Thanks God is Friday! Huoh. This whole week has been really heavy. I have struggleg much with my practice, because I haven’t been sleeping. Last night I woke up, when it was midnight and stayed awake until my alarm rang at 3.30 a.m. During the practice I was just shaking and waiting the whole thing to end. I couldn’t even do chakrasana properly and even kids can do that one. I was so shame to show something like that to Sharath, that it was hard to resist the feeling just walk out. After my practice I tried to sleep, but my dreams were really restless.

Tomorrow I am only going to rest. I need some serious sleep.

My practice time is now 4.30 Shala time (4.15 regular time). I like the first group a lot. You can select your spot, start calmly and people around you are really focused on their own practices. We all do the mantra together and then I feel that the energy is sort of coming together then. Sharath has also more time to watch our practices, because he doesn’t have to take care of so much about calling people.

This week was rough, because of my lack of sleep. Saraswati also wants me to go down in dropbacks and I have refused to do that during the whole week. She is giving me some heat because of that and maybe next week I am obliged to go down also with her. My practice is stuck, Supta Kurmasana isn’t really going forward and I still don’t have idea, how to come up from Urdva Dhanurasana. Setu Banddha is maybe lightly better, but that must be the only proggres from this week’s practices. But that’s the way it is. You go forward and then you go back. My lack of sleep can also be caused by dropbacks. People say that often dropbacks energize a lot and I have a long history regarding sleep problems, so it maybe takes a little bit time to adapt this new pose.

At least my eating during this week has been better and healtier. Yesterday I went with Heidi to local post office and afterthat we went to Barista. I had a mango smoothie and then we headed to 6th Main, which is one of my favorit restaurants here. I ate Malai Kofta, which is vegetable ball in cream sauce. On Wednesday I had a lovely lunch with my new Swedish neighbour Linda-Maria and Anna from Amsterdam. We ate in Green Garden and I had my regular tandoori salad, which is roasted, spicy vegetables and absolutely my favorit dish here so far. After our lunch we walked around and went to see the cafeterian inside. There you can have a tea and eat cake. Have to test someday…

Today is full of food dates, which is very typical Friday in Mysore. I skipped this morning’s group breakfast in Santosha, because I was trying to sleep. We are going to have a group lunch in new place and tonight we have Supper Club in Italian style. This will be Maria’s last Supper Club and I am already missing her. This week we had also once Breakfast Club in Aimee’s place and then we said goodbyes to Canadien Sonja. Canadien Darcy left back home also during this week and we had breakfast with her on Thursday. Many of my good friends are leaving before Christmas, so I feel a bit sad. Luckily Aimee, Bubba, Ann and Amberlin are here for a long time with me and some new Finnish people are coming around in January. The hardiest thing here seems to be saying goodbyes to great friends.

7 Dec 2010

Practice Nro 46 and Ayervedic Consultation

Today’s practice was good, normal practice. Shala was cold and I didn’t sweat that much as usually, but I started to take really deep breaths from the beginning and got my body warmed up. We have now new assistants and I got quite many adjustments. Uthita Hasta Padangusthasana was a fiasco today. I don’t know, if the assistant was trying to push me down or what, but I ended up jumping to the mat of the poor guy next to me. Assistant was taking my leg too high and I was obliged to tell her to take it lower. She has a very nice grip, but not yet the sense to feel, when I am facing my limits. And once again I noticed, that tall people has difficulties to adjust me. On the otherhand I got a really nice adjustment in Paschimottanasana.

Saraswati came to me, when it was time to do the dropbacks. I did four smalls, but didn’t go down. My back feels really good now and I don’t want to risk anything. She really wanted me to go down, she said, that try, but I just refused to do that. Hopefully she didn’t take that in a wrong way, but I said to her, that I don’t want to risk anything and I know that she takes the students up very fast, which is maybe the worst adjustment for my back. Fingers crossed that Sharath is next to me tomorrow…

On Sunday I went to see Ann again to talk about the ayervedic consultation. First indication about my dosha is vata and deep pulse is very strong pitta. I have dry tissues, which is typical thing for the women from Norden countries. Vata type (air) is connected to enthusiasm and lightness. The things what I noticed that I have common with vata type are for example light sleep, anxiety, inregularity in energy level and dry hair. On the other hand from my pitta side comes everything hot in me. Pitta (fire) is connected for example to courage and strong energy. My energy is very strong and it is useful, but it can also go easily over and then I won’t get enough sleep. And sometimes I am really restless. My mind is very busy and during the practice I often go too fast.

It was interesting to notice, how much I found common with the consultation. Like Ann said, we yogis are very sensitive, what comes to our body. For example I have noticed, that I easily get really overexcited with my practice and everything else, so I have to focus much to calm down myself.

The list regarding good foods for me was also interesting. Based on my own experiences I knew, that nuts, soya, potatoes, onion and tomatoes aren’t good for me. Banana lassi, ghee, honey, warm milk, porridge, pasta and fried vegetables are recommended. I should avoid spicy food, which I actually like, but I have felt here, that it isn’t so good for me. I should also add salt to my water, because my body gets really easily dry. So I suppose the best indicator, what to have and what to avoid is my body. I should listen to the symptoms more carefully. Ann also advised me to eat more often. I have had here three meals per day and I haven’t been eating any snacks. It doesn’t really work for me and it’s too heavy for my digestion. So now I try to eat more often and I should eat the heaviest meal of the day before 2 p.m. And I shouldn’t eat chocolate, which I don’t actually like that much, but it is the only candy here. I try to learn to take the sugar from my food and keep my glucos levels more balanced. I found that it’s very hard to change your eating habits, but I try to make small changes daily. I was happy to hear that I don’t have to give up eating bread, but the bread should be always toasted. Auervedic diet differs from the typical Western diet quite much, because it includes for example very much oils and quite much carbohydrates and I think that the approach in general is more holistic than in Western diets.

I love mornings and I feel very calm always during the mornings. This also matches with ayerveda, because early morning and night after 6 p.m. is the kapha time. I haven’t been sleeping that much after my practice lately, because I just love the morning energy and I found that quite long Sirsasana returns my energy back, so I don’t feel so tired after the practice anymore. Finishing poses are extremely important and I have really found the usefulness of those poses here.

Have a very energetic day!

6 Dec 2010

Practice 45 / Like Getting Back to School after Summer Holidays…

What comes to this weekend, it was just perfect! Me, Maria, Ashley, Bubba, Aimee and Amberlin went to an amazing temple nearby on Saturday and Sunday was a sunny pool day, which we started by having a lovely breakfast in Anouki’s garden (if you ever go there, you should try fresh coriander+pineapple+grapefruit juice and vegetarian crêpes). Sometimes you hope that the weekend never ends and this weekend was exactly like that. On Friday in Bubba’s Mansion we ate fresh pesto made by Maria, pasta with tomato sauce, spicy thai soup à la Bubba and cakes, which Sonja brought for us. After Saturday’s temple tour the whole gang headed to Green Hotel and we shared all our dishes together (banana lassi, palak paneer, coconut and jeera rice, vegetarian curry, raita, papadum with onion and fresh tomatoes, chai, ginger tea etc. etc. etc.). During the whole weekend food was delicious and the company was even more delicious!

Monday morning felt like going back to school after summer holidays. You have to do it and you don’t feel like doing it at all. Yesterday I had an enormous energy, but this morning there was none left. So I went to the Shala and I did my very plain, led class practice. No big hoorays, but just simple routine practice. My back felt really good after two days off, but otherwise there was the normal stiffness which always exists after some time off. For some reason I got really frustrated, when one new person took the place where I am usually practicing during the led classes. That was really ridiculous, because you have to be able to practice everywhere, but this morning was very grumpy for me. I was very restless through the whole practice and even went to look for a water bottle, because nobody sprayed my hands. Hah. It’s so funny, how pissed off you can sometimes be without no reason. I think that somehow the energy still feels very different, because of the new people and I am not used to it yet. We all, who have been here already for a while, are a bit upset, because our friends have gone and we feel that we don’t have that much energy or interest to make new friends. I know, that this will change soon, but it’s like sort of grieving period before we are ready to make new friends again.

After the practice I watched the second group. It was easy to notice, that the days off had affected the practices. Some of the people were full of energy and the others were really unbalanced. This was first time, when I saw, that one girl, whose practice is the most stable, which I have ever seen live, was shaking and even came down from an asana. On the other hand Thomas, who is very tall, showed a very beautiful Pincha-Mayurasana today. Because the second group is now way bigger than before, also Saraswati walked around the Shala and assisted some students from the second group. It was funny to see, how Sharath and Saraswati communicate. Sharath gave one asana more to one Brasilian guy, but Saraswati said, that his asana before wasn’t properly done, so he didn’t get one asana more. Saraswati also wanted to start her class early, when Sharath said that his students have to be in front, so that they can do backbendings. And then Sharath had some of his Indian VIPs practicing in the Shala also. So the whole shift for the second group was sort of controlled chaos. Sharath is very talented to handle a big amont of people coming and going.

Watching the second group’s practice is absolutely one of my favorit things here. It’s so much fun to see, how they make progress, how they go back in their practice and how they come forward again. It’s so cool to see, when someone does a break through in his practice. I have also started to observe the adjustment techiques, which Sharath uses. I am sure that Sharath’s led second series class is the hardest in the world, which you can take. Still some people can do it every week and at the moment here is Finnish Heidi among them.

Happy Independence Day Finland!

Practice 44 and Freedom!

Last night I woke up at 2 a.m. because there was some Indian party going on in Gokulam and they played music loud. After that I slept maybe 15 minutes and my alarm rang at 3.30 a.m. Music was still there. I was just thinking that yoga people are the lousest party people, because we go to practice, when the party people start to go home.

Today I was practicing between Lock and Darcy. Starting from the first down dog, I knew that this practice would be long and challenging. I think that this was the first time in my life, when my shoulders hurted. It’s exactly like Sharath says: ”New asana, new pain.” I think that my dropbacks have been laying too much on my shoulders and that’s why I am getting this soreness. During next week I have to focus more on my legs and getting the weight over my legs during the whole practice. I have so strong upper body, that I think that I have a habit to put a little too much weight on it. I need more banddha work…

Sharath started the practice again by entertaining us. He wanted to get one more person to practice on the stand and he called ”One short and sweet!”. After that Arne (who was heading to the stand) went back to the waiting room for his practice and one tiny Asian looking girl showed up from the waiting room. We all had so much difficulties to keep our faces straight, because she matched exactly to the description ”short and sweet”.

Today I thought that Sirsasana took forever. Utplutih was shorter than normally, but I still couldn’t keep it up. I think that this week was the hardest one for me so far. My practice is longer, this was a whole practice week and I am back on dropbacks. Sharath assisted me today with Uthita Hasta Padangustasana, which is actually now better than before, as well as with Urdva Mukha Paschimottanasana. I think that Ubhaya Padangusthasana showed today, how tired I was. I fell down with that asana first time in my life after I had already found the balancing point. I kept almoust two Urdva Dhanurasanas up and didn’t cheat too much in Setu Banddha. I have to be pleased with this week too and tonight I am heading to Bubba’s Mysore Mansion to get some pasta in me. We have two days off and we all are happy with that!

New Card and Practice 43

Yesterday I went to see Sharath and pay my fee for December. Sharath isn’t really chitty chatty person, so you just go there and pay your fee. I just spoked with Ann, how it feels that everything disappears from your head, when you go there. Before you always think, that you want to ask something or tell him something, but there you sit still and quiet. It felt weird to see that my card will expire during the coming year. Time goes so fast here and New Year is really almoust here.

I got the second last spot from the Shala today and Ann got the last one next to me. We were practicing in the last row, where the floor is cold and hard. After my practice I spoke with Heidi and she said, that I could go in earlier and get a better spot. So I think that tomorrow, I will do that.

I had a normal practice today. Shala was quite cold, but humid, so the practice felt quite stiff in the beginning. I really tried to focus on my breathing during Suryanamaskaras to warm up my body. Today I was practicing again without adjustments. I forgot Baddhakonasana, so I repeated three asanas twice, when I noticed my mistake. Sharath assisted me with dropbacks and I went down once. The problem with dropbacks is the same than before, which means, that I can go down, but I can’t come up. Sharath literally pulls me up. Heidi advised me to start to create the movement of forward and up already with Urdva Dhanurasana. I will start to practice that tomorrow, because otherwise Sharath will break his back with me… I can feel that I have used my arms more than usually during this week, because my shoulders are sore. We are going to have two days off during this weekend, so hopefully sun will shine and I can go to a pool to rest my shoulders and whole body.

Christmas Time and Practice 42

It doesn’t feel at all like a Christmas here. No darkness, no lights, no Christmas carrols, no all that crazyness in stores. I have to say that the Finnish Christmas is the best, in good and in bad. I have spent Christmas abroad many times and haven’t really felt that Christmas joyfulness abroad. I am not a Christmas person, so I don’t miss Christmas, but I miss my Mami’s food and chocolate. I think that Christmas isn’t the same in those countries, where they don’t have snow. Snow and coldness someway make the Christmas for me. But I am really looking forward to, how Christmas will be here. I have so many good people around me now, that I am sure, that we will have an awesome Christmas here, even without snow.

I went this morning to Santosha to see Ann. I had an ayervedic consultation with her and I am already so eager to hear her opinion. Her first impression was that the fire inside of me is very powerful. I wasn’t too suprised to hear that lot of pitta runs in my veins. Hah. I think that my whole family is full of pitta persons and you know, what comes from that. Strong characters, busy minds and sleeplesness. It will be interesting to hear about my other doshas, too and I am really looking forward to get some nutrition as well as other lifestyle tips.

Today’s practice was sticky. This whole week has been quite challenging. Many people (including my friends Ahu, Malissa and Ingeborg) have gone now and the energy in Shala has changed. It takes a bit time to get used to it. It was so comfortable for a long time practice so that all your friends were around you. Now I have had a different spot every morning and more people have been coming and going. I missed the mantra this morning also, because I was running late. I am sure, that during the next week this situation will be more stable again and then the peace will come back.

My back feels suprisingly good now. After Sharath’s adjustment yesterday, I didn’t really feel pain during the whole day. This morning Saraswati was assisting me and I didn’t go down. This was first time, when Saraswati was assisting me and it takes time for me to trust on a new assistant. I am so oversensitive because of my back, that I don’t yet want to go down with other assistants.

But I am really looking forward to this new month. Today I will go and pay my fee to Sharath for December. I am planning to do a massage course during this month also, so I can’t wait to learn all those new things, which this month will offer me!

Practices 40 and 41

Monday’s practice was again, how it often is. Stiff and a little bit unfocused. I started backbendings with Sharath, did four smalls, but didn’t go down. It was a good start, because I wasn’t too scared. Shala was quite cold today, because it has been rather cold outside. I think that the night was the coldest here during my whole visit. That’s why Supta Kurma was also so sticky and Thomas couldn’t really help me to close it. Marichyasana D has been difficult to close again, but I don’t worry about it. I know, that I can close it, but I want to take it easy for a while. I did longer finishing poses today and it felt good.

I haven’t really watched out, what I have been eating lately and that affects my practice. Sugar makes me stiff and too much nuts are making me heavy. If I don’t eat within ten hours before my practice, I can feel a huge difference. Practice is so much lighter and I can use my bandhas in a best way. Hopefully I will someday learn to eat in a right way. I love healthy food, but I don’t like to cook. That’s why, it’s brilliant to hang out with Aimee and Maria, because they are so good cooks. I have never been into chocolate that much, but that’s the only candy here, so I have noticed, that I am now too good friend with the famous chocolate man here…

Today I was practicing without adjustments until dropbacks. I was practicing next to American Stacy and she did the whole Second Series. It was quite fun, when Sharath was assisting her with the dropbacks and she touched her knees. Then Sharath watched me and said to me: ”Next.” Hah. Sharath can be so hilarious, because he knows my back problems and can make jokes about it. Today I went down first time. I didn’t feel any pain and Sharath lifted me up. Everything else is okay with dropbacks, but I don’t know, how to come up. I wasn’t afraid of doing dropbacks, because Sharath was supporting me well and I feel that he won’t let me drop down. It’s good to proceed slowly. I noticed, that it is really good to do longer finishing poses. My back feels better, when I keep Sirsasana up for a very long time. Slow progress and baby steps…