1 Feb 2011

Everything Upside-Down Again...

Today was the last day of January. Once again I am amazed, how fast the time goes.

I said byebye to big group of my friends again. One of my dearest one, Aimee, left yesterday back to California. We had a farewell dinner for her on Saturday and after that we had a little dance party in a local club, where my friend Tasha was playing. First we ate in Green Hotel, which beauty never stops to delight me. I think that it is the most beautiful restaurant, where I have ever been. The whole place is full of flowers, candels and lights. Energy there is so peaceful that it feels like time can stop. After dinner it was great to dance and our way back with Apu and his riksha was again adventure. Riksha broke down and Aimee gave us a lift back home…

I am so going to miss my friends from California. Aimee has been my own guide here and it feels so strange, when I don’t have any idea, when I will see her again. We have spent together four months searching the wonders of Mysore. Bubba, Aimee, Tasia and Alin will all see each other back to the States and many of my Mysore friends are going to practice with Sharath in Encinitas this spring, but I don’t know, when and where I am going to see my Mysore group again. It is hard not to be attached to these great people.

This morning I walked to the Shala and I didn’t feel so good. I think that I got a little flu on our way back to home from the party. My throat felt sour yesterday and this morning I had still the same feeling. The energy in the Shala was strange. We had four assistants waiting there, which wasn’t normal, because usually there are Sharath, Saraswati and two assistants. Our group was also almost half empty, because so many people left during the weekend. Before mantra we got an announcement, that there has been accident in the family and Sarath as well as Saraswati are still in Bangalore. Andrew told us, that Sharath and Saraswati might come back during the practice, but they never came.

My practice was extremely nervous today. I did twice wrong poses and I couldn’t stop listening, when Andrew informed the people coming in about the accident. My back felt strange and I had wierd pain in my whole body (typical pain, when I am getting fever), so I did only half-Primary and walked out of the Shala among first students. It was really interesting to feel, how different the whole energy was, when Sharath was not present. Like Bubba described afterwards, Sharath is like glue, which put us all together and when that is missing, we are totally castaway. So I really hope, that Sir is back to the Shala tomorrow and my strange fever feelings are gone. I need some practice now.

Bubbs' farewell dinner is tomorrow and after that I have only three Americans left. I booked my tickets to Thailand on Sunday and I will hit the ground in Bangkok 4th of March. Before that I have to take good care of my back and read some Yoga Sutras as well as anatomy…


  1. Hi there, just want to tell you that I love reading your blog. Bumped into it when searching for tips on the yoga posture Utplutih :-) and now just can't stop reading. You are a great writer. Hope you find what you are looking for.

    Best regards,
    Laura Ramakers
    The Netherlands

  2. Thank you so much Laura! My life has been pretty busy lately and I haven't posted in ages, but I decided now get back on track and start posting again.

    I have already found so much, what I have been looking for and it looks like that so much is still to find. I just have to keep going.

    Lovely energy and sunny thoughts for you from Bali!