26 Jan 2011

Shooting and Can I Have a Kiss?

Today’s practice got an extra vibe, because there was a cameraman in the Shala. Sharath has asked one guy for some reason to film the practice. He shooted last week’s led second series and this morning he was in the Shala with his video camera again. We shouldn’t care, what is going on around us during the practice, but it’s hard to avoid thinking, how my hair is and how terribly sweaty I am. I am sure he got some great grins and shaky moments…

My practice was ok. My back is hurting in Supta Kurmasana, but at the same time I think that I have made a little bit practice with that pose. Warm weather helps, because I am more flexible and also my little stretching program has maybe started to show some results. I did dropbacks with Sharath and once again he was standing in front of my mat the whole time, when I did all my Urdva Dhanurasanas. Dropbacks were stiff and uncontrolled once again. It takes really time to learn those. Otherwise I felt good and strong. My whole focus is in warming up my back properly and thinking about alignements as well as bandhas.

After practice I walked home. On the way home there is one area, which is really dark. Indian man walked against me and I noticed that he was changing the side of the road, so I was awake immediately. He passed me and then started to say: “Excuse me, excuse me.” I just continued walking and ignored him completely, because I was ten metres from my gate. Luckily he was tiny guy, so I wasn’t that much afraid of him. Finally, I turned to face him and he asked: “Can I kiss you?” I shouted as loud as I could, that “Go away, go away!” I think that he was quite surprised and he started to move nervously and looked around. I just kept shouting and he seemed to be too scared of me and he walked away. I went home with my shaking legs. Episodes like that make me so angry. At least I was glad to notice, that I can react in situation like that. And it’s also relieving that Indian men are tiny. If it’s necessary, I will hit as hard as I can. I believe in ahimsa, but I believe even more in self-defense. It seems that I have to focus more on building up my strength!

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