10 May 2011

Hippie Market, Mother’s Day and Practices

Yesterday was Mother’s Day and I missed my mum so much. My mum is a very unique lady, the best in the world. I spoke with her yesterday and we talked about our last travel together. We went to Paris during springtime and it was fantastic. We just walked together around the City of Light, ate and talked in different cafés, went to see Tour Eiffel, Sacre Coeur and all other famous tourist locations. Our time in Paris was magical, because Paris was just waking up for the summer, flowers starting to blossom and people getting exticed about the summertime.

Yesterday’s practice was hard. We did very modified asana practice and Dena was practicing with us. We did lots of hip opening and core strengthening. In the end of the practice Dena talked about mothers, being mother and becoming mother. It was very beautiful, touching and made me miss my mum even more.

After practice we headed to Sunday market. Byron Bay is a paradise for market fans. Here is different kind of like markets through the week and local people really seem to love the market atmosphere. Weather and the drive were so beautiful. It felt like being on the countryside in Italy or France. Market was full of old hippies selling food, clothes and second-hand stuff. Too much weed and drumming for my taste, but it was nice to see the market anyway and company of yogis was the best of course.

Today’s practice was ok. I am doing Dena’s extra core practices before asana practice and then I am doing modified Sun Salutations to strengthen my core. I can feel the difference already and my back feels better, too. Just have to keep going…

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  1. Absolutely our Mum is the best. <3 And hopefully every kid thinks the same way about their own Mum.