22 May 2011

Sunday's Led

I knew this morning that my practice was going to be a torture. Yesterday we walked along the beach to local lighthouse, which is very beautiful and pretty popular tourist attraction here. Lighthouse was amazing and worth the walk, but I chose a wrong day for that visit. When it’s my day off from the practice, I really should rest. Long walk on the beach plus climbing stairs up and down after that just totally smashed my feet and made me exhausted. This morning I woke up superstiff and tired.

The day when Guruji passed away was on last week, but Dena got confused with the date and thought that it was today. So she asked us to bring some flowers on Sunday and the plan was to show our respects for Guruji on Sunday during the practice. Today she knew her mistake, but we showed our respects for Guruji and this whole asana practice anyway. Dena read a poem, which she wrote after Guruji passed away and cried a little bit, too. The start for the practice was very emotional, but it was good to see, how much she still respects and misses her teacher.

Practice was very heavy and my mat was wet. I washed it yesterday, but it didn’t dry on time. So my clothes got wet and the mat was very slippery, too. Never practice on a wet mat! It’s dangerous. Tomorrow I must borrow a mat, if I can’t get the mat dry today.

I am very tired all the time. And I am starting to feel that I am ready to move on to Sydney. I love my practice here with Dena, but outside the shala I don’t really find the clue of this place. I don’t bond with the people well and I don’t have enough to do. Today I was happy because of rain. I didn’t feel guilty staying just inside and reading a book. I am missing busy life. Challenges on the mat aren’t enough for me at the moment. I am hungry for the life outside the shala again.

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