26 Jan 2011

My Best Practice So Far…

Today was my best practice so far. I started very slowly and tried to warm up my body step by step. I felt light pain on the right side of my back, so I thought that light start could be the best. I practiced again next to the door and it was a good spot. Little breeze helped me to breath.

Sharath adjusted me twice today (first in Uthita Hasta Padangustasana and then in Supta Kurmasana). I was happy to get adjustment from him in Supta Kurmasana, because usually his assistants are helping in that pose and I have been really looking forward to get a good adjustment in that difficult pose. I was able to keep that pose closed maybe a little bit longer than before. I closed today Marichyasana D alone. It’s not still smooth transfer, but at least I closed it alone. It feels so good, when it’s closed and you can actually straighten the spine. Saraswati helped me with dropbacks. Same problems continue with dropback, I still don’t get that pose at all. My Urdva Dhanurasana was good today and I almost felt no pain at all. So all in all, this was a very good practice for me. The energy in general was more focused today, too. It feels like people have found their spots and are more relaxed now.

Outside the shala some things are changing, too. I am going to start to work in Vivian’s three times per week. Vivian needed to go back home urgently, so me and some other yogis will take care of Vivian’s breakfast during the coming month. I consider this as my own little charity project here. I like to work in cafés and this is a good way to help. My shift is four hours, so I should be able to handle that without stress and I also hope that this will bring some order to my days.

It’s so wonderful that I have my own cleaning lady now, who comes every week. I am very lousy to take care of cleaning, so I prefer to pay couple of rupees to keep my place tidy. She came first time today and I noticed that I have to supervise quite much, what she is doing. For example she doesn’t use hot water, unless I tell her to do so. And she tried to wash all my clothes at the same time. Luckily I noticed that before no harm was done. I think that I will continue to do my laundry on my own in the future and she can just wash the floor. I don’t have so many clothes here and I really want to keep those clothes, which I brought with me from Finland. Here is almost impossible to find sport clothes and those clothes I need every day.

Today I will have a lunch with Tasia and just relax. I am trying to read through Bhagavad Gita for my TT in Yoga Thailand. I finished yesterday Sience of Breath, which was interesting book. Bhagavad Gita is full of good thoughts for the life. It’s full of ancient wisdom and careful thinking. You can’t read it very quickly and you have to concentrate on it a lot, but it’s very fruitful.

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