2 Jan 2011

My Practice N:o 59 / Indian Odd Weather

The weather here is now very strange. Nights are cold and mornings are so chilly, that we are drinking our coconuts after the practice as fast as possible and running home after that. I am wearing every morning long sleeves, wool hat and long trousers. I normally sweat a lot during practice, but now I can feel the breeze, when I start and I am not sweating that much. Tomorrow I think that I have to start my practice so that I am wearing long sleeves. During the day weather changes a lot and it’s almoust opposite for the night. It’s hot and sunny. Now we have had quite much electricity breaks, so I have been sweating in my room without fan working properly. This whole weather thing affects my practice too, so sometimes I am stiff because of the weather and sometimes I am almoust over-flexible. This is actually a very good place for learning, how much the weather (and eating) affects the practice. I have noticed that for me it works the best, when I am without food at least 10 hours before my practice. Otherwise I feel very heavy and I can’t cage my banddhas properly.

Today I had a very good practice. It felt that Aimee relased some blocks yesterday from my back and this morning I felt good. I also got a little bit more sleep, which always helps my practice. I received adjustments in Uthita Hasta Padangustasana, Supta Kurmasana and dropbacks. Today only dropback was fiasco, otherwise my practice was going well. I waited quite long before dropbacks, so I think that it was one of the reasons, why it wasn’t going well. I also noticed that I am mentally resisting that pose quite much (even when Sharath is assisting the pose). It would be so much easier, if I relaxed on right time. One of the best things, which I have learned here is the importance of everyday’s practice. Even when I have crazy pain, I go to the Shala. I do what I can and usually the practice opens up when I just breath and go slowly forward. Warming up my back is the main thing and now I do three small Urdva Dhanurasanas, three normal Urhva Dhanurasanas and three small dropbacks and one dropback down. My back feels much better this way and I am making sure at the same time, that my back is warm enough for the dropbacks. With my pitta mind it is so easy to speed up and forgot to do the poses calmly, keeping my breath stable and even.

One of the pleasures here is buying fresh flowers after the practice. For some reason, fresh flowers are bringing me very much joy. Tomorrow I will buy violet flowers to celebrate Christmas a little bit.

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