2 Jan 2011

Working Girl in Santosha and Practice N:o 58

I slept only couple of hours last night, but my sleep was good, because Aimee gave me some medicines for my back. I was tired, when I woke up and I thought twice before I went to the Shala.

My practice was way better than I thought that it would be. My back wasn’t hurting too much and my concentration got better during the practice. I got adjustments in Uthita Hasta Padangustasana, Supta Kurmasana and dropbacks, so I had nothing to complain. I thought that I won’t do dropbacks today, but Sharath was waiting in front of my mat, when I did Urdva Dhanurasana and I felt sort of obliged to do the dropbacks. Timing was better this time, but still no progress what comes to the coming up part. Huoh. Sharath is just laughing at me, but I am frustrated. I could protect my back so much better, if I knew, how to come up. I know, one day, one day.

What comes to Christmas, I have to say, that I have only one wish. I wish that I am able to practice during the rest of my life. My back is giving so serious warnings now, that I am trying to keep my fingers crossed all the time, so that it won’t collapse. Stress is bad for your back, too and I am getting stressed because of this matter. It so much reminds me about my last Christmas too, which was an official catastrophe…

But all in all, today’s practice was positive suprise.

After my practice I felt energetic and I didn’t have my nap. I went to Santosha around nine and we had lot of fun with Linda-Maria serving the customers. I really liked my comeback as waitress. Santosha is so easy-going place and I know almoust all the people by name. It would be fun to work there some other time, too.

I am so happy that Aimee is back. Aimee will receive her authorization certificate tomorrow. And Bubba got permission to stay a couple of days longer, so this day was great! It’s good to be surrounded by the people, who you really love. I am getting so much good energy from them.

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