7 Jan 2011

New Energy, New Challenges and New Home

This week included so many new things. I moved to my new place on Monday. My friend Maria used to live in this place and I like it, because on the wall is Maria’s mandala and it feels like she is here in one way still. The studio is full of books as well as other things, which the people, who have lived here before, have left behind. My start with this appartment hasn’t been the best one, because the fridge is so dirty, that I can’t really use it and I have been without shower the whole time. I have been complaining about the water problem every day, but nothing really happens. I can get some water in the kitchen, so I can warm it and then wash myself, but real, hot shower would be nice. I am quite frustrated to complain about things, so I think that I will give it a new try next week. Otherwise my place is clean as well as nice and cleaning lady comes every week, which is such a luxury of life!

I went to practice on Monday, but I couldn’t practice. I couldn’t turn my head properly and every vinyasa hurted in my neck as well as under shoulder blades. So I did four Suruyanamaskara A’s and walked out of shala. When you can’t breath properly and every vinyasa hurts, it’s obligatory to have a break. Luckily Tuesday was a Moonday, so I was able to have two days off in a row. On Tuesday I tried schiatsu first time. I met Anna from Amsterdam in Anu’s Cafe after my neck problems and she promised to help me. Schiatsu session took two hours and it was amazing. It was so relaxing and it was very interesting to notice the movements of energy in your body. I really loved Anna’s treatment!

On Wednesday I was back on mat. I ate painkillers during three different nights just to get the muscles relaxed and on Wednesday my neck was quite ok. I did really short finishing poses, but I was able to practice my whole series through. During the dropbacks, I felt that the leftside of my body was very stiff in shoulder area, but I went down with Sharath anyway. After the practice I was happy, that I was able to just practice. The energy in the Shala is very different now. Sometimes it feels even pushy and I couldn’t get my favorit spot on Wednesday, because I came maybe a couple of minutes later than usually and the room was packed already. I was practicing in a very bad corner so near a girl next to me, that there was only a couple of centimeters between our mats. I felt so sorry for her, because she was practicing Second Series… I am so glad that I am not tall, because at least I can stay on my mat quite well.

On Thursday I practiced on my regular spot again. I went to the Shala earlier and got a lift from Lucia on my way there. We have new assistants now, too. Jens is from Copenhagen and Renee from New York. I have to say, that the new assistants haven’t impressed me that much, but usually the assistants improve so much during the month, that it’s amazing. I have received Supta Kurma adjustments from both and I feel that my shoulders haven’t been properly done. But it takes a couple of days to get used to new students and learn people’s practices. Thursday’s practice was quite nice again. Saraswati adjusted me with dropbacks and this time I did a little bit better. I am struggling again with Marichyasana D, which is annoying, but no can do.

On Friday we had a led class again. Shala was packed, people were practicing on the stand, in waiting rooms as well as in changing rooms. I got a nice spot next to the main door and there was a little breeze which was this time really nice. It’s easy to see that this light week has been good for my body in a way, because I don’t feel that much pain in my back and also I felt stronger today during my practice. My neck bothers me still a little bit, so I keps Sirsasana up only ten breaths and I also cheated a lot in Utplutih. I hope that during the coming week I will be in shape again.

So many new people have arrived. Johanna, Pia, Marko and Riikka are the latest Finnish arrivals. I have also found some Americans, who are too Americans for me. When the whole dinner conversation is about cleanse and when people are not eating, but only drinking water, it sort of freaks me out. When yoga starts to be only about outer things and not at all about inner matters, it’s not my cup of tea. When the conversation is very focus on Mysore gossip and loosing weight, it’s kind of boring. Mysore gossiping can be fun, but only when shared with your closest friend and in a way that doesn’t hurt anybody. And of course life is very different in Miami, where you have to wear bikinis year around and you see so much plastic around you. But plastic energy isn’t for me, I am more into real stuff.

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  1. Hey Sis.

    You have to send me your new address. Hopefully you can get clean water as soon as possible. I couldn't stay without shower so long. Take care!