26 Jan 2011

Osteopath and New Try

Ok. So I heard about this amazing Alex from Sydney. An osteopath, who was highly recommended, for me. And he really was a miracle man. Alex came to my place and we improvised a little bit, because there was no massage table or proper pillows etc. but the final result was great. I got my back back. I really didn’t believe that he could fix it so fast, but after a couple of days from the treatment I was feeling normal again. My back didn’t hurt all the time and I was able to bend forward. Alex was exactly, what I needed.

And today I did my whole practice again. I closed both sides in Marichyasana D and I did Supta Kurmasana, too. I did six Urdva Dhanurasanas before doing dropbacks with Sharath. Sharath waited next to my mat the whole time, when I was warming up my back with Urdva Dhanurasana. Sharath is just so wonderful and I am spoild by him. This living master of ashtanga yoga teaches me every morning. He holds my leg every morning, he waits next to my mat waiting me to prepare some poses, he gives his compassion for me, he doesn’t care, that I am not the most advanced, or even near that, student. He just seems to love teaching. He never pushes me, but he just supports me. He has never let me down and I trust him completely.

After my beautiful practice and my silent thanks to my teacher, I walked out and I drank my coconut. Bubba, my dearest Bubba came to me and he told me that he had a gift for me. I told him, that I don’t need any gifts, because I already got mine, because my practice was so awesome. However, he told me to stop by to his place after coconuts. I went to his place and this sweet man made me smile like sun. Bubba knew that I really wanted to buy Shala’s cotton mat with Shala’s initials. And I wanted to get the purple one, which has been sold out forever. Bubba had hunted after that mat and got one through our common friend and he handed the mat for me. I was speechless. We shouldn’t be too attached to things, but I just loved this mat and the idea, that he wanted to give it to me. Now I can think about him also every time, when I open my mat. He is pure gold that man.

So this is what Mysore really is on it’s best. It’s about true friendship, true love, true dedication, true displine, true faith, true tradition and true ashtanga yoga. It’s learning from your teacher and learning from your friends. Like it’s written in The Living Gita: “The essence of Yoga is: Be good, do good.” I have lately received so much goodness that soon it’s time to go back to real world and pass some of this goodness forward. But before that, I have to practice and learn more.

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