9 Apr 2011

Day Off and Saturday Morning in Bali

Saturday, the famous day off for yogis. How much I love Saturdays! I love my practice and I love my weekly day off equally. Once a week my body needs total rest and I also try not to think about my practice that much during Saturdays. And on Fridays I can eat, what I like (pizza yesterday) and I can stay up longer. It’s difficult to explain for other people, why I don’t think that it’s a big sacrifice to have only one day off and have otherwise pretty controlled life. My practice is giving me so much, that I go happily to bed early and I don’t eat that much late. And I take everything out of my day off every Saturday!

It’s early morning now. I am still in my friend’s villa and I just finished my pranayama practice (you can practice pranayama everyday, but I am taking at least one day off from pranayama practice, too). I did pranayama outside, sitting in lotus pose in front of my friend’s pool and enjoying nature around me. After pranayama, my mind was superstill and extremely focused. I felt, how my body was getting all its energy back. Now I am just enjoying all the nature’s sounds around me and I am trying to breath in the maximum of this peace.

My friend Yan has been so great hostess. I was planned to move out two days ago, but her friend delayed his travel, so Yan was so kind to let me stay longer here. I absolutely love her villa and Yan has been such a good friend for me. I have been sleeping in a nice bed, I have had my own bathroom, internet access all the time, superb company, car lift everywhere and pool in my use. I couldn’t have asked more!

Yesterday it was raining and we just decided to have home delivery and stay in. We were watching Sharath teaching in New York live online. It was so nice to see my friend Susan practicing there on first row under Sharath’s eye. I was suprized to see that so many people actually finished Primary Series. And also Sharath’s daughter Shraddha was practicing there, which was superentertaining, because that little girl is quite a character. She loves attention and she also seems to know, how to get what she wants from her dad. In Mysore, she could walk in during the conference and start to talk with her dad. And she also danced and sang for us sometimes. After practice Sharath gave a little speech in New York about the importance of yamas and niyamas. It was good to hear that he pointed out once again, that practice is supposed to continue also out of the shala. Seeing him teaching there, made me miss him and my Mysore friends so much. Nothing beats practicing with him and my friends in Mysore!

Today it's time to move to a guest house and learn to walk to the shala here on my own. I will never forget Yan's hospitality and I will cherish these moments in her villa for a long time. Before moving out, I am gonna enjoy the pool and hopefully sun, too!

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