21 Apr 2011

Yoga Mamas and Bali Playboys

I have never seen so many female, single travelers than I have met in Bali. It doesn’t matter, where I eat, I see women eating alone, reading a book or just sitting in front of laptop. This must be the first place, where I can actually fit in that way. I carry my laptop, go to various different cafés and people are not staring at me. But what is the same thing in every country, is that men really like to approach a woman sitting alone. In Bali this seems to be like national sport. Other sports must be running after tourists and offering them taxi lift.

Yesterday one man was desperate to talk with me in a café. I was going through my internet stuff and he just kept talking. Finally I gave him a nasty look and he understood to be quiet. But he didn’t give up so easily. When I was heading out, he ran after me, gave his business card and was begging me to go for a drink later. Huh. It’s not always so pleasant to travel alone.

I have to say that I admire those yogini mums traveling alone with their kids. Many Western mums come here to practice and live: they rent a villa, take some yoga classes and their kids go to Green School. It’s pretty suprising to see, how many women are actually able to do that. I mean private school, nanny and driver for your kids as well as flight tickets for your whole group isn’t that cheap. At least these people know, how to enjoy their money. And your health is always a good investment.

I am personally starting to feel, that I want to work and / or study again. For me practicing only asana isn’t enough. I liked to be in Yoga Thailand, because the course was so busy and I had all the time so many things to do. Now I am trying to self-study a bit. I want to learn more about ayurveda, so I sent a message to my friend, who has studied Western and Ayurvedic nutrition and asked some advices regarding good nutrition books. I also checked YT’s website and found some intresting, recommended books that way. I was able to find one of those books here, so I am now reading Healthy at 100 by John Robbins, which is about certain nationalities, who have typically lived long and healthy lives. Studying even a little bit everyday keeps my brains going…

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