23 Apr 2011

Slow Flow at Yogabarns

My belly is still upset and it’s Saturday, so I decided to take slow flow yoga class at Yogabarns. Teacher was Donna and I was immediately able to see that she has done her training at Yoga Thailand. It’s so funny, how I just knew, that she has been practicing with Paul. I spoke with her shortly after the class and I asked, what is her own practice. I found out that she is ashtangi, too and actually she normally practices with Prem and Heather. Ashtanga world is so tiny…

Donna’s class was actually modified ashtanga class, but really slow and more focused on meditation. This was good class for me today, because I noticed, that I am not in shape. When your belly is upset, you can’t use bandhas and the whole practice is very compromised. Almoust all the poses came from Primary Series, but in different order and modified. We did for example Sun Salutation A, Utkatasana, Prasarita Padottanasana A & B as well as Uthita Trikonasana A. When the pace is so slow, I should really keep my breath strong, but it’s so hard. That’s why I feel very cold during the practice and I am stiff. We stayed in poses for pretty long time and I noticed that once again my hip flexors are killing me. I am wondering, are those ever gonna open… The class started with light meditation on ended with Shitali. Donna’s voice was nice, so I didn’t mind her speaking through the class. She also used music, which I found suitable for a class like this.

After practice I spoke with Australian-British couple, who did the same class. They were quite typical yogi tourists: done yoga some years ago and now wanted to practice a little bit during their holidays. They enjoyed the class, so I think that Donna’s style was good for holiday yoga. Donna was recommending power yoga with Denise for me. I might try that, when my belly gets better. She said, that Denise is very experienced yogini, who teaches ashtanga based practice.

I ate my lunch at Little K again. Today I had vegan sandwhich and apple/cucumber/ginger shake. My dessert was raw blackcurrant pie and latte. I couldn’t resist coffee, even when my belly is upset. I am trying different meals to get ideas, what to cook in the future. I am missing so much my own kitchen, so that I can cook, whatever I like and I know what my meals include in. When you travel, you eat what you can get and often it’s not so pleasurable. Food in Bali has been good, but it’s expensive to eat out all the time. When you can’t boil your water for tea at home, you end up paying ridiculous amount of money just for a cup of tea or coffee.

I did my pranayama practice this morning before asana class and it helps me to concentrate for sure. I have been also swimming here everyday. Pool is the best thing with this guest house. And also the monkeys on my backyard are entertaining. I have my own monkey, who comes to my balcony everyday. And last night I had my own frog, too. I was going to bed, when I saw a little frog jumping around my room crazily. I was trying to show him the way out, but he went under the bed and I couldn’t reach him. So I gave up and went to bed. Then I was listening, when he continued to jump around the room. I couldn’t see him this morning, so I think that he found his way out. So I have jungle pets now: monkeys and a frog.

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