21 Apr 2011

Practice at Home and Balinese People

This morning I practiced alone first time in months. It was good, my body felt good. I was a little bit unfocused, which is typical for me, when things are changing around me. So I forgot a couple of poses, but then I did those poses just later. It was nice to get back to proper vinyasa. I have missed my flow lately. I was first practicing by the pool, but couldn’t continue there, because the floor wasn’t good. So I ended up practicing on my balcony. I don’t like practice outdoors, because flies are coming and it’s noisy, but the temperature here is perfect for the practice and air is fresh during the morning.

After asana practice I did my pranayama. This was first time, when I did pranayama after my proper asana practice. It was interesting to see, how my muscles were so much stronger after asana. After pranayama I was full of energy and my focus was superb.

Yesterday I left my sunglasses to a local restaurant, where I go every morning for a coffee. So I walked back there after I noticed that yesterday and the staff started to look for my sunglasses. They tried to call to the girl, who had worked earlier and figure out, where my sunglasses where. When they couldn’t reach the girl, they asked me to come back later. So this morning I went there and got my sunglasses back. That just made me so happy. This is just one example, how good and honest Balinese people are. The staff in my guest house is also really nice. They are always in a good mood and they really try to help me, if I have any questions. In India I often felt that people were trying to get advantage of me, but herein Bali I have felt very welcomed.

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