22 Apr 2011

Hatha Yoga Class at Yogabarns and Some Future Plans

Yesterday I ate something bad (I think it was my breakfast papaya) and got sick. My stomack hurts and I am tired. So this morning I was thinking about my ashtanga practice as well as pranayama and didn’t really feel like it. I decided to be nice for my body and took a hatha yoga class at Yogabarns instead. I bought a card, which entitles me to take five classes there, so today I wanted to try hatha yoga.

I have never done hatha yoga before (I mean a class which is only hatha), so I was pretty excited about the class. My teacher was called Uma. We went through different elements: ground, water, fire and air/space. Ground was mostly about hip opening, water about feet and stretching, fire about vinyasa / movement and air/space about hands and upper body. We also did quite much sort of sound meditation, where we did poses, when repeating some syllables. The class started so that we were observing, which nostril is more open. According to Uma, if it’s right, you are thinking logically and using your brains and if it’s left, you are more grounded. So hatha yoga is about searching balance between these two sides of you, balancing your moon and sun.

What I liked about this class was that she talked a lot about letting go and getting rid off your fears. I personally also like sound meditation technics, because it’s the easiest way for me letting go. When I have to only concentrate on creating a sound or listening to a sound, I can be still. This was a typical led class, where the teacher was speaking through the class, but she didn’t do any adjustments or corrections. The main purpose of the class was just to balance yourself. It wasn’t superathlete class, but I was able to warm up my back and also noticed some tensions in my body. I think that hatha yoga is so much about grounding yourself better and that way it worked for me. I wanted to take a hatha class to relax more and release the pain in my belly and for that it worked well.

After class I had an early lunch at Little K, which is the restaurant downstairs at Yogabarns. I had green mango tea and vegetarian wrap plus extra avocado on the side. It’s interesting to see, how I am a little bit nervous now all the time, because I have to make decisions regarding my plans in Australia. I walk fast, I eat fast, my mind is busy and my sleep is nervous. I really have to focus on calming myself down and being just here (and not yet in Australia). I am also very sensitive for traffic sounds, busy people and smoke. When somebody is smoking near me, I have to move a way and drunken people are making me almost angry. I obviously need my peace.

However, my Australian plans are now starting to be more in order. I will fly to Brisbane 28th of April and practice with Dena. Then I will fly to Sydney probably 26th of May and start my house sitting job. I will take care of a house and one cat during three months (June, July and August). At least for that period, I have to find a job. I might stay in Sydney for a little bit longer, but I don’t have to decide that yet. I heard a rumor that Sharath might be teaching in Sydney just, when I will arrive there, so I might have a chance to practice with him. Keep your fingers crossed, that I can do that and my life in Sydney will be a success otherwise, too!

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