21 Dec 2010

Christmas Week, Is It Really?

Today was a Moonday again. I went to Three Sisters with Amberlin and Jenn. It’s a very cool place, where sisters will bring you delicious Indian food and you eat everything, what is on your plate. They will bring you more food until you say, that’s enough. I specially liked the desert, which was chapatti topped on honey, ghee and fresh, roasted coconut.

I have been eating lately quite much in Indian places. We have a secret breakfast place, where my dish is always set dosa, which is Indian pancakes with coconut chutney and spicy vegetable mix. Chai is so full of sugar there, that I have to ask them to add only little bit sugar. In Indian places the atmosphere is the best. You eat in the middle of the locals and you can observe them. I for example never drink water from the jars on the table anymore, after I saw one guy drinking directly from the jar. Not touching it with his lips, but it was enough for me to see, so that I will leave the jars alone in the future…

On Monday we went to Green Hotel for dinner and we ordered so much food, that I wasn’t sure, if we were able to finish it all. It’s so nice to eat with your friends so that you can try different kind of dishes. In Green Hotel the food is always excellent and now we have our own waiter Shivaling, because Brian overtipped him last time so much, that he literally loves us now. We got even tandoori salad before the oven was even open for other people. This is very typical thing in India, you can always pass the barriers with extra rupees. It’s sad, but it’s so true.

My last week’s practices 55, 56 and Monday’s practice 57 have been quite challenging. My back is giving me serious warnings, that it isn’t enjoying its time as much as I am enjoying my time in Mysore. On Sunday I got really scared, when I felt similar pain as when the disc between the vertebras came out during last Christmas and whole right side of my back was really hard and I felt how the muscles were totally stuck against the spine. I went to see Heidi and she gave me a light massage, but the right side is still getting cramps all the time and muscles aren’t working normally. I have been streching lightly and trying to observe the situation. I didn’t do dropbacks on Monday. My practice was quite good, but I have to be now supercareful. I have been using tiger balm, but it seems that it isn’t helping me. Tomorrow morning I have to think, if I am able to practice and how easily I have to practice. It is very difficult to find a balance with this problem. I want to practice, but I have to be also able to take some time off, if the back is hurting (before it’s too late). The massage course would start on 25th of December, but I don’t want to put any extra weight on my back and I decided that I am not starting it.

Tomorrow will be exciting day, because me and Swedish Linda-Maria are going to take care of Santosha’s breakfast. It’s my comeback as a waitress. I used to earn extra money during my studies as waitress and now I am going to freelance as waitress in Santosha. Ann and Magnus are going for their kids’ Christmas party to their school and we will help out a little bit in Santosha. Will be fun for sure!

I am now waiting my Christmas spirit to arrive, when Aimee will be back home tonight from Goa. I hope that she and her mum have had a lot of fun there, but we all are so happy to get them back here. Aimee is so good organizing parties and keeping the spirits up. We have to start to do some serious Christmas plans now. One thing is sure, we will practice normally through the whole Christmas time. The Christmas feeling hasn’t arrived here yet, but let’s see, if the coming days will create it. On Facebook I can see, how people are decorating their Christmas trees in Finland. Feels so strange here. At least I got a little bit Christmas feeling from home, when my sister sent me a Christmas calender and Christmas letter.

Enjoy your Christmas preparations!

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