3 Jan 2012

Crazy and Competitive People

Even Mysore is not immune for crazy or competitive people. All yogis are not so yogis, even certified teachers can time to time suprise you with bad behaviour. Sometimes it even feels like that some people come here only to have drugs and sleep around. And then they go back home to their spouses after relaxing and refreshing yoga retreat.

During my last trip here two girls went nuts and this time one is pretty close to loose it. She keeps following people, attacking the dogs and shows some body parts, which normal people keep covered. I feel really sorry for her, but there is nothing much to do. I think that some people come here and stop having their medication. As healing as yoga is, it’s not an instant cure for everything. I heard that one year some girl ended up climbing up the tree – naked. So it will better to stay home, if you don’t feel pretty stable already…

It can make you very sad to see those people fighting over spots, not getting along, bossying and bitching others as well as to do anything to get one more pose (or just being jealous, if somebody is getting the pose before you). Unfortunately bad mouthing and backstabbing are here, too. My solution for all this nonsense has been to keep my closest friends very close and let the other people keep going with their drama. When my own friends are fighting, I don’t take sides. It’s not my argument. I am trying to only mind my own business here as well as back home.

Today’s practice was pretty hard. Neck is getting better! Hip/back area is still crazy, but I didn’t do all up-dogs, which helped. I took up two Urdva Dhanuras today, which is still so hard and lifted Setu Bandha, too. Sharath was finally assisting me with Supta K, which made me so happy. His adjustments are just so good. Nothing hurts, it’s just light and right into the spot. First group’s energy was today calmer than yesterday. I think that all those cameras just made people very nervous.

Fingers crossed that this will be my first full practice week. And I am in one piece after it!

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