16 Jan 2012

Led Second and Some Poses from Third Series

Something really interesting happened today during the led Second practice. After the last headstands of Second Series, Sharath asked, how many people are doing the first pose of Third. About twenty hands came up and he asked those students to continue the practice. The students looked confused, but kept going according to his count. Some students were shaking, because I bet that they were so surprised that they minds were just spinning around. I was so glad to witness that moment. I bet that Sharath has his master plan too and it is so exciting. The excitement was so thick in the Shala, that we were almoust able to touch it. It was just so cool.

It feels like the things which I see here now are very special, even historical what comes to ashtanga tradition. I am very proud to be Sharath’s student and his oldest students are so amazing. We are part of an unique wave. Sharath is leading a big boat and it’s very interesting to see, where he can take us. I would rather not be anywhere else now. We are diving into the ocean with Sharath, not just sailing the ordinary lines and there are so many miracles to see. He is guiding us well.

My own practice today was hard. I was very tired, when I woke up and maybe because of the cooler weather, my back wasn’t feeling too good. I went anyway for Sunday’s led and in front of me was a man, who had already jumped over my mat constantly during one practice before. I am pretty easy-going person, but with my back and neck problem I can’t take any extra risks, so I slapped his foot every time, when he came over my mat. After two times he got the hint and stayed on his mat the rest of the practice. I bet this wasn’t the most polite shala behaviour, but my health comes first. After the practice he came to apologize me and I wanted to lecture him a little bit about nice shala manners, but Sharath asked our attention, so the poor guy survived without seeing my hot temper.

Today’s conference was cancelled, because it’s a festival day. This is always a bummer, conferences are so interesting and inspiring. But my Finnish yoginis came over for a breakfast and it was good to see them. I am excited about this practice week. This is gonna be a good week!

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