3 Jan 2012

Gypsy Sisters and Hectic Moments

On Thursday my practice was full on. Todd was practicing behind me and noticed that I was totally on fire. I was in front of Sharath’s seat, facing my Guru’s feet time to time. This was my first practice here, when I really tried everything. I have been very careful with my practice not to push too much, just keep it together and heal my back. But on Thursday I wanted to test my limits, strecth my back a bit more than usually and just let my practice fly. It felt so good to just do my maximum and forget all the pain.

Of course this morning I felt my yesterday’s extra work on my spine, but I did some yin yoga before practice and went to wait for Friday’s led class. Saraswati was brought to the Shala (this is so funny that you should see it on your own eyes, because nothing is so cute than Saraswati brought to the shala behind a scooter, wearing her sari and smiling broadly like a little child, just so exited to teach us a class) and we hurried inside to select good spots.

This time class was pretty small and we had more space than usually. But I was in the middle of two men, so the masculine energy was thick and I was ready for the challenge. Almoust nothing is so enjoyable than a led class, when you are in shape. You sweat, you swear in your head and you enjoy every second. Playing with fire, playing with your limits. Hearing the count, knowing the count, feeling every breath and just waiting the pleasure to stretch and feel your muscles in every asana. Nothing else is in your head, just the asanas called one by one and the numbers in sanskrit.

After practice I went home, had a quick shower and went to Santosha with Noora and new Finnish guy Antti. I had my regular bread (fresh bread with spinach, cheese and cucumber), banana lassi with spirulina and chai. And a Skype call with my best friend. Some gossip from Finland after one month was totally needed! I miss you, MJ.

After brekkie I took off with Anna and we headed down-town. Almoust nothing is so exhausting than a day in Mysore city. It’s hot, it’s so noisy, you have to try to stay alive in the middle of insane drivers, cows and yelling people. We went to Fab India to buy some beauty products and then to a bookstore. I got three new books and got pretty excited about that. I have been reading a lot lately, otherwise I think that my brains will vanish on air. After all that fun, real mission impossible started. We were trying to buy a memory card for Anna’s camera as well as adaptor for UK camera charger. I can tell you that this isn’t a little task in Mysore. You walk, you ask, you walk more, you ask again, you try to understand the directions, you walk, you try another shop, you try again, you get the instrucions on paper, you walk, you take a riksha and then you hope that those gadgets, which you found, will actually work. But we made it!

After all that we were so ready for a coffee. It started to rain, but our timing was perfect and we turned in front of Pascuzzi just before the first drops touched our skin. I am so happy that Anna is here. I feel that she is my gypsy sister. Anna is actually Finnish (or Finnish-Swedish), but we met first time herein Mysore. Like my gypsy sister Nea back home, Anna shares my passion for yoga and traveling. Anna has been living in Barcelona since we met here last season and her experiences there remind me about my life in Rome. The beginning in a new city is always a challenge. Get a place, learn the language and find some friends. Sounds easy, but ask more guts than you could think of. But that girl is rocking Barcelona and taking some Spanish classes here, too. It’s so good to have a fellow pitta here. I like smart, lively people around me. Mysore friendships are strong, you hardly speak with the people outside Mysore, but the friendship is there, when you walk through the customs in India to your second life.

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