27 Jan 2012

Mysore State of Mind

This practice week has been a rollercoaster again. Monday was a moonday, so this week isn’t full. I prefer full practice weeks, then my mind is more practice-oriented and I don’t allow myself to get distracted. When my routine is on, I don’t feel tired during the mornings and eating schedule is working better, too.

Tuesday’s practice was pretty ok, Wednesday’s practice was full-on and today’s practice was disgusting. Hahaa. That’s exactly the word, which I used, when I walked outside for a coconut today after practice. My whole body was hurting today and I didn’t do drop-backs. I was very stiff and it was hot in the Shala, but freezing outside. It was difficult to breathe and today as well as on Monday my body felt superheavy. Today was also the first day, when I felt asleep after my alarm. I slept only a couple of minutes, so didn’t really miss anything.

I normally don’t sleep after practice, but for some reason during this week I have been sleeping a lot after practice. Totally passing out, seeing strange dreams (I don’t normally remember my dreams, only my nightmares) and having difficulties to wake up. Practice has been demanding this week, I have been pushing myself to lift up properly, because my neck has been better. I love working with my strength, but I still have to take it easy for example with Sirsasana. I am actually looking forward to tomorrow’s led.

Otherwise I have been running around Gokulam. I had a long lunch with Hanne on Tuesday and afterwards we went to see some really cool yoga clothes. I have been sending emails back home to get my move in order there, closing insurance and electricity agreements, preparing my exit here with my maid. And trying to fit all my Mysore friends into my schedule before I go. On Wednesday I had tasty Indian lunch prepared by Mane, Anna+Sam and tomorrow I will have sushi at Vivian’s with Finnish girls. Anna L will arrive tomorrow and I am very happy to see her, too. Everyday I have lunch or brekkie date, sometimes both. I am trying to keep my weekend pretty free, so that I can chill out a little bit. Last days here will be really busy, just so many dear friends to see. And I want to take everything out of my last practices next week. My exit is actually perfect, because I will get the best practice days of the week here. Normally Monday and Tuesday are the strongest practice days for me, so I am hoping to do the drop-backs with Sharath two more times before my flights back home.

My Mysore state of mind is always good. For some reason I feel very free here. I don’t take pressure about anything. My practice is what it is, my days are what they are. Everything feels very cosy and easy. My very wise friend Aimee said, that it’s because we don’t expect anything from these trips. We know that we will be back. If this trip is not about new poses, next trip will be. If this trip is hard, next one can be better. If this trip is great, maybe the following will be good, too. Sharath is the same, practice is the same. We just will try to take the best out of everything. Then we will go home, make some money and prepare our next trip. When you are in this Mysore circle, your Mysore life will always be here waiting for you.

When I am doing opening mantra back home, I often feel that my Mysore friends are with me. Sharath is with me. Sharath said that he still feels Guruji’s energy in the Shala. I feel Sharath’s and my Mysore friends’ energy wherever I practice. This Mysore energy will keep me warm, when I am back in Finland in the middle of snow storms.

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