23 Jan 2012

Mysore Magic and Mind Games

Sunday’s led was really hard. Back was hurting, maybe because of crazy sugar overdose during the last days. I have had so many meetings and Mysore dates always include food. And my back really hates sugar, which my mind loves...

Otherwise Sunday was great again. We had an early conference and we watched Alex Medin’s new documentary called Mysore Magic. It was beautiful to see my friends talking about their practices and it all just souded so familiar. Something pulls us here, there is strange energy inside the shala and we learn about our minds more and more day-by-day. The documentary includes Sharath’s and Saraswati’s interview, it’s short, but there is everything in a nutshell.

After the documentary Sharath talked about the idea of guru or having a guru. I loved that because it’s so interesting topic. Guru never says that he is a guru. And somebody can be your guru, but not my guru. I think that almoust every Indian has a guru, but for Westerners in general it seems to be hard to surrender and actually take somebody’s advice. For me personally guru is a human (Sharath also said that gurus are human, too and that they even get tired sometimes), who is my role model, somebody, whose lifestyle and values I can respect and learn from. Guru knows better than I do. Sometimes it’s very very hard to surrender and keep in mind all the things which I have learned here. This practice includes many sacrifices, too. Nothing comes easy, but when it comes, it’s good.

Maybe blind people have a little bit the same experience as yogis. They walk in darkness and they need somebody time-to-time to guide them. Sometimes the walk can be pretty desperate, but when you can’t use your eyes, other senses become stronger and with the help of other people as well as your imagination, you actually start to see things. Everything becomes clear. Everything is clear, if you just learn to see that.

Sunday was also Chinese New Year and my friend Yan organized us an amazing party. Her new place is gorgeous and we had a good group of friends on her roof eating and talking. We all got personal horoscopes, learned a little bit about Chinese traditions and saw the wildest fireworks I have ever seen. What a special night!

In the party I spoked with my Brazilian friend Lucia. Lu is one of the most advanced female practitioners here and her practice is stunning. It’s very precise, beautiful and strong. Everything seems to be effortless. When she is not here, she is teaching in Frankfurt and practicing every morning before teaching. Which means that her mornings start 2 a.m. It was funny to hear that her mind is often giving the same excuses as mine. It’s crazy to practice so early, I am gonna hurt myself etc. But because we know our minds so well, it’s also easy to trick our minds. We both agreed, that if we just assure ourselves to do one sun salutation, we will actually do the whole practice. It’s interesting to notice that our minds work actually in a pretty similar way. The difference here is, how we react on our mind’s games. Do we play along or refuse to play? Every morning the same game, but always a new chance to choose differently.

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