3 Jan 2012

New Year’s First Practice and Back to the First Group

My first practice during this year was Sharath’s led. People were going too fast and Sharath kept shouting us to slow down. If we go too fast, he will slow down counting. I am used to this rythm and I know, that I have to wait that he is calling the pose or counting the breaths, so I don’t have difficulties to follow. Sometimes when he forgets to count something, we who are used to his countin keep standing there and wait that he calls the next pose. The count is interesting thing, because once it’s in your head, you can’t really get rid off that. I hear Sharath’s counting in my head often when I am practicing in Finland, too.

Sharath has been waiting me to do Urdva Dhanurasana and he was standing in front of my mat again before that pose. I told him that I am gonna lift up the last one and he gave me the most amazing adjustment. He hasn’t really been assisting me during this trip because of my back and it was just really good to feel his hands and all the support there. He is so soft, it feels like feather is touching you, but the pose is rock-solid. When I was doing the counterpose and bending forward, he wishpered: ”Tomorrow, five o’clock.”

Sunday’s conference was great. I specially liked when Sharath was talking about, how people often critizise that astanga and many other yoga styles are so asana-focused. People keep asking, why we don’t do meditation. Sharath said that dhyana and pranayama are part of asana-practice. Breath and gazing are important, too. Sharath said that yogi without asana is like sailor who doesn’t know to dive. He is missing all the beauty of the ocean. But Sharath was pointing out once again that it’s not about which series you do. Primary is enough, for some people even less. I am so happy to be diving here with my friends and Sharath. And I can tell you, that the ocean is there. It really is.

This morning I woke up 3.45 a.m. I was a little bit nervous, because when I told my friends that Sharath asked me to come five, they were really surprized. And if you go on wrong time, he won’t be happy. But he was really talking to me on Sunday, so when I arrived to the Shala, he called me and Catherine directly in. I got a good spot between Adam and Julia, who both are doing third. I was already a little bit excited about my first practice with the first group (I feel personally that the energy is different with the first group, because most of the people are really advanced and they have been practicing with Sharath for a long time.), but then I noticed the cameras. They were shooting the whole practice as they shooted the led Second on Sunday. And I was in the middle of the room and between advanced practitioners, so I felt like they were shooting us all the time. I was strong today, my hip and back still hurt (and neck is not healed properly either), but nothing really awful at the moment. I still do my little modifications, but I did two Urdva Dhanurasanas today. Really short ones, but at least I lifted up twice. I was very happy to be back and when Sharath was assisting me with Uthita Hasta Padangustasana, he said: ”Tomorrow, 4.30!” So no more sleeping, no more holiday yoga, it’s full on now. And I am loving it!


  1. Why are they filming both on and under water? :-)

  2. Nobody really knows, why they are filming. It might come on Shala's official webpage or it's for one document or it's for Sharath's own use or all of those. Time will tell...