3 Jan 2012

New Year 2012

… is round the corner. I am in peace with year 2011. It was a good year, full of adventures and great friends. I travelled almoust around the world, found my yoga home in Mysore and valued Finland day by day more and more, too. So many highlights through the whole year. The biggest harm was a struggle with my back, which still continues, but also keeps me more grounded. Life is here and now, you never know, what happens tomorrow, so it’s better to enjoy this moment. It’s not about the destination, it’s about the way.

During the coming year I am hoping to build up my homebase in Helsinki. Even this gypsy girl needs a home. And maybe a cat with her in that home. After this trip to Mysore, it’s time to take a breath in Helsinki and work. Practice will continue as always, hopefully back will heal totally during the coming year.

I wish that my coming year will be full of friends, family, yoga, travels and love. I am ready to stay still for a while. But I wouldn’t be me without constantly planning new travels. It’s sure that I will come back to Mysore, but Paris has been in my mind a lot lately, too. Paris is always option for me, I love the city and I love the language. Maybe I should sign up for a French class again. New York with its yoga megaworld sounds also tempting and so many of my good yoga friends are in California. Today I pictured Barcelona’s summer nights in my head and that carneval feeling surrounded me. And what about tango in Buenos Aires? And geishas in Japan? So much to see, but limited budget.

But the beginning of my New Year will be more work and study based. I have to prepare for one exam and focus on work matters, too. The coming year will be full of excellent yoga workshops in Finland and I am trying to decide, which are possible for me to attend. I am going to practice with Kino for sure, hoping to learn from Maty Ezraty about teaching and maybe get a chance to meet Louise Ellis and Mark Robberds again, too. The coming year will be busy and awesome!

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