30 Dec 2011

What a Great Day!

So it seems that everybody had a tough practice today. When we were complaining about our lousy practices on coconut stand, one guy came over and said thank you, because he wasn’t the only one with a bad practice today. Many of my closest friends here are injured at the moment. And so many have had a flu and being laying on their beds. Nobody really knows, what’s going on, but we keep knocking the wood for those friends, who are fine at the moment.

However, I had a good day today. I went to Sandhya for a lunch with my dear friends, food was amazing as always. After that I did a little bit shopping, got a number from a cute guy for my friend (maybe I am real Mysore matchmaker) and saw my dear friend Angela, who just arrived from the States.

I went to pay my shala fee, again for Usha, because Sharath was playing outside with his son. This was the first time, when I actually had the right amount of money with me and I joked to Usha, that I am finally learning. So no word with Sharath, but practicalities in order anyway.

I went to Maria’s place for a chat and some guys were practicing there. It was amusing to watch their own play-ground (and safe, because I can’t dislocate any part of my body, when I am just watching) and then Maria and I went for a coconut. My whole extended Mysore family was there and one of my friends had so good news that it made my day indeed. Promised to keep my lips closed, so can’t reveal the secret yet, but I can assure you, that this is fantastic news.

I came home late and read a little bit sutras. It was a good remainder from the sutras that practice becomes firmly grounded when well-attended to for a long time, without break and in all earnestness. Like Swami Satchidananda says: ”So, it is not only how long you practice, but with what patience, what earnestness and what quality also.” I have some work to do with my patience. Patience, devotion and faith. It’s not only the amount of the work, it’s also the quality of the work. So it doesn’t matter so much, what I do (in asana level), it’s more about, how I do it. Slowly, slowly and without losing it.

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