16 Dec 2010

Practice N:o 54

Today’s practice was heavy. I felt that the whole energy was quite heavy today. One of my friends was crying in front of the Shala, when we went in. Yesterday here was a little tragedy, when one of the street dogs fell from the roof and died. Many yogis were there yesterday, saw the dog and they all were really upset.

Arne, who has been assisting here, left yesterday. We went for a goodbye lunch to an Italian restaurant and last night we gathered to Arne’s place. I made him a scarf and he gave me and Bubba blankets. It’s so sad to say goodbyes. This morning I said bye to Aimee and her mum, because they went to Goa for a little holiday. Luckily they are coming back, but right now Bubba and I are so lost here. Today, we will try to a new restaurant (called Vivian's) for me as well as we try to chear up a little bit.

Sometimes the practice can feel very mechanical. You just go through the poses, you don’t think that much. You almoust hope, that it’s done and you can go home and rest. Today I took a long Savasana at home, I slept three hours after my practice! I think that the sleep was very needed.

I did dropbacks today with Sharath and I had the wrong timing again. My back felt a little bit wierd yesterday, so I took easily today. No pain now, I think, that my back is just getting used to a new pose. Also Supta Kurma was yesterday really deep, which can affect the lower back.

I am so happy that I don’t have to be in Helsinki now. There is so much snow and I just got a message from Finland, that in Kajaani (where my parents live), there will be a cold Christmas. I wish I can spend my Christmas by the pool...

Try to hang on there Finns!

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