6 Dec 2010

Christmas Time and Practice 42

It doesn’t feel at all like a Christmas here. No darkness, no lights, no Christmas carrols, no all that crazyness in stores. I have to say that the Finnish Christmas is the best, in good and in bad. I have spent Christmas abroad many times and haven’t really felt that Christmas joyfulness abroad. I am not a Christmas person, so I don’t miss Christmas, but I miss my Mami’s food and chocolate. I think that Christmas isn’t the same in those countries, where they don’t have snow. Snow and coldness someway make the Christmas for me. But I am really looking forward to, how Christmas will be here. I have so many good people around me now, that I am sure, that we will have an awesome Christmas here, even without snow.

I went this morning to Santosha to see Ann. I had an ayervedic consultation with her and I am already so eager to hear her opinion. Her first impression was that the fire inside of me is very powerful. I wasn’t too suprised to hear that lot of pitta runs in my veins. Hah. I think that my whole family is full of pitta persons and you know, what comes from that. Strong characters, busy minds and sleeplesness. It will be interesting to hear about my other doshas, too and I am really looking forward to get some nutrition as well as other lifestyle tips.

Today’s practice was sticky. This whole week has been quite challenging. Many people (including my friends Ahu, Malissa and Ingeborg) have gone now and the energy in Shala has changed. It takes a bit time to get used to it. It was so comfortable for a long time practice so that all your friends were around you. Now I have had a different spot every morning and more people have been coming and going. I missed the mantra this morning also, because I was running late. I am sure, that during the next week this situation will be more stable again and then the peace will come back.

My back feels suprisingly good now. After Sharath’s adjustment yesterday, I didn’t really feel pain during the whole day. This morning Saraswati was assisting me and I didn’t go down. This was first time, when Saraswati was assisting me and it takes time for me to trust on a new assistant. I am so oversensitive because of my back, that I don’t yet want to go down with other assistants.

But I am really looking forward to this new month. Today I will go and pay my fee to Sharath for December. I am planning to do a massage course during this month also, so I can’t wait to learn all those new things, which this month will offer me!

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