16 Dec 2010

Practice 50!

Yes, today I did my practice N:o 50 here. I am so happy that I have been able to practice here the whole time. I still feel pain in my back, but I can manage with that pain. In general, my body seems to be quite tired now, because after one day off, I still had quite hard time today with my practice. I was happy to be practicing next to Michael from Chile, who has practiced long time with John Scott. Michael’s practice is very energetic and strong, so I got part of his good flow.

I had a sleepless night again. That is affecting my practice a lot. I am shaking in Navasana and Uthita Hasta Padangusthasana is very wobbling. I usually don’t have difficulties to keep the balancing poses up in the end of Primary Series, but now I am shaking there, too. I really wish that I will get my sleep back soon, because I need that strength, which you get from your sleep. Otherwise the coming week will be so demanding. However, I was pleased with my Primary Series today, because I closed Marichyasana D on both sides again and felt only light pain on my back.

Yesterday I studied massaging techniques with Heidi. It was a good session and I was so happy to learn new things. Heidi works in Finland as a massage therapist and I really liked her massage. Like I thought, right side of my body is very blocked, but I was able to feel straight after the massage, which showed, how useful it was. I felt very relaxed, even sleepy. Unfortunately I couldn’t find that sleepy feeling, when I was going to bed. The massage course with Kumar should start in 20 or 22nd of December, but I haven’t received any new info. It will be quite demanding for my body too, because massaging is very physical and takes lot of your energy. I want to learn a little bit about different kind of bodies and anatomy before I go to Thailand, because I haven’t really studied anatomy before and it is so useful, what comes to your practice and adjusting.

I watched second group’s practice today again. It was nice to see Heidi’s practice properly today, because she has been practicing a lot in the corner before. She has a very strong practice and open back. At the moment only two girls are doing the whole led Second Series, but I think, that this is going to change during the coming two months, because new people are coming and the core group will change. It will be very interesting to see, what kind of like practices people will show in January, when the busiest time in Shala will start.

Aimee’s mum arrived here last week and today I am going to see Maria’s mum. It’s so much fun that their mums are here. Maria’s mum is a certified teacher and also Aimee’s mum has practiced here before with Saraswati. I wish that my mum would be here too. She would like these people and she could easily start practicing with Saraswati. My mum has been practicing yoga longer than I have, but she does hatha yoga. Actually my whole family does yoga, because my dad started yoga this autumn and my sister has also studied some ashtanga. In Guruji book people say, that children, who are born in yoga families, are blessed ones. I personally believe that my mum and dad has given me a very good example, what comes to healty lifestyle and importance of regular sports. I think that my parents look very young on their age and I would be more than pleased to be in such a good shape, when I will get older. Like Guruji says, yoga is for everyone, only not for lazy people.

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  1. Darling, we have super parents who love to compete and challenge themselves. :D I don't know any other family who would eat so healthy and rich in nutrients food. Mum loves to cook.

    Be careful with your back. My back is better now, luckily. I have slept and relaxed more, it really works.

    And once again, you're weird. Who wants to stay at pool if the option is white, atmospheric and lovely Christmas? Hopefully you won't get homesick.

    Love u. xxx