6 Dec 2010

Practice 44 and Freedom!

Last night I woke up at 2 a.m. because there was some Indian party going on in Gokulam and they played music loud. After that I slept maybe 15 minutes and my alarm rang at 3.30 a.m. Music was still there. I was just thinking that yoga people are the lousest party people, because we go to practice, when the party people start to go home.

Today I was practicing between Lock and Darcy. Starting from the first down dog, I knew that this practice would be long and challenging. I think that this was the first time in my life, when my shoulders hurted. It’s exactly like Sharath says: ”New asana, new pain.” I think that my dropbacks have been laying too much on my shoulders and that’s why I am getting this soreness. During next week I have to focus more on my legs and getting the weight over my legs during the whole practice. I have so strong upper body, that I think that I have a habit to put a little too much weight on it. I need more banddha work…

Sharath started the practice again by entertaining us. He wanted to get one more person to practice on the stand and he called ”One short and sweet!”. After that Arne (who was heading to the stand) went back to the waiting room for his practice and one tiny Asian looking girl showed up from the waiting room. We all had so much difficulties to keep our faces straight, because she matched exactly to the description ”short and sweet”.

Today I thought that Sirsasana took forever. Utplutih was shorter than normally, but I still couldn’t keep it up. I think that this week was the hardest one for me so far. My practice is longer, this was a whole practice week and I am back on dropbacks. Sharath assisted me today with Uthita Hasta Padangustasana, which is actually now better than before, as well as with Urdva Mukha Paschimottanasana. I think that Ubhaya Padangusthasana showed today, how tired I was. I fell down with that asana first time in my life after I had already found the balancing point. I kept almoust two Urdva Dhanurasanas up and didn’t cheat too much in Setu Banddha. I have to be pleased with this week too and tonight I am heading to Bubba’s Mysore Mansion to get some pasta in me. We have two days off and we all are happy with that!

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