6 Dec 2010

New Card and Practice 43

Yesterday I went to see Sharath and pay my fee for December. Sharath isn’t really chitty chatty person, so you just go there and pay your fee. I just spoked with Ann, how it feels that everything disappears from your head, when you go there. Before you always think, that you want to ask something or tell him something, but there you sit still and quiet. It felt weird to see that my card will expire during the coming year. Time goes so fast here and New Year is really almoust here.

I got the second last spot from the Shala today and Ann got the last one next to me. We were practicing in the last row, where the floor is cold and hard. After my practice I spoke with Heidi and she said, that I could go in earlier and get a better spot. So I think that tomorrow, I will do that.

I had a normal practice today. Shala was quite cold, but humid, so the practice felt quite stiff in the beginning. I really tried to focus on my breathing during Suryanamaskaras to warm up my body. Today I was practicing again without adjustments. I forgot Baddhakonasana, so I repeated three asanas twice, when I noticed my mistake. Sharath assisted me with dropbacks and I went down once. The problem with dropbacks is the same than before, which means, that I can go down, but I can’t come up. Sharath literally pulls me up. Heidi advised me to start to create the movement of forward and up already with Urdva Dhanurasana. I will start to practice that tomorrow, because otherwise Sharath will break his back with me… I can feel that I have used my arms more than usually during this week, because my shoulders are sore. We are going to have two days off during this weekend, so hopefully sun will shine and I can go to a pool to rest my shoulders and whole body.

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