7 Dec 2010

Practice Nro 46 and Ayervedic Consultation

Today’s practice was good, normal practice. Shala was cold and I didn’t sweat that much as usually, but I started to take really deep breaths from the beginning and got my body warmed up. We have now new assistants and I got quite many adjustments. Uthita Hasta Padangusthasana was a fiasco today. I don’t know, if the assistant was trying to push me down or what, but I ended up jumping to the mat of the poor guy next to me. Assistant was taking my leg too high and I was obliged to tell her to take it lower. She has a very nice grip, but not yet the sense to feel, when I am facing my limits. And once again I noticed, that tall people has difficulties to adjust me. On the otherhand I got a really nice adjustment in Paschimottanasana.

Saraswati came to me, when it was time to do the dropbacks. I did four smalls, but didn’t go down. My back feels really good now and I don’t want to risk anything. She really wanted me to go down, she said, that try, but I just refused to do that. Hopefully she didn’t take that in a wrong way, but I said to her, that I don’t want to risk anything and I know that she takes the students up very fast, which is maybe the worst adjustment for my back. Fingers crossed that Sharath is next to me tomorrow…

On Sunday I went to see Ann again to talk about the ayervedic consultation. First indication about my dosha is vata and deep pulse is very strong pitta. I have dry tissues, which is typical thing for the women from Norden countries. Vata type (air) is connected to enthusiasm and lightness. The things what I noticed that I have common with vata type are for example light sleep, anxiety, inregularity in energy level and dry hair. On the other hand from my pitta side comes everything hot in me. Pitta (fire) is connected for example to courage and strong energy. My energy is very strong and it is useful, but it can also go easily over and then I won’t get enough sleep. And sometimes I am really restless. My mind is very busy and during the practice I often go too fast.

It was interesting to notice, how much I found common with the consultation. Like Ann said, we yogis are very sensitive, what comes to our body. For example I have noticed, that I easily get really overexcited with my practice and everything else, so I have to focus much to calm down myself.

The list regarding good foods for me was also interesting. Based on my own experiences I knew, that nuts, soya, potatoes, onion and tomatoes aren’t good for me. Banana lassi, ghee, honey, warm milk, porridge, pasta and fried vegetables are recommended. I should avoid spicy food, which I actually like, but I have felt here, that it isn’t so good for me. I should also add salt to my water, because my body gets really easily dry. So I suppose the best indicator, what to have and what to avoid is my body. I should listen to the symptoms more carefully. Ann also advised me to eat more often. I have had here three meals per day and I haven’t been eating any snacks. It doesn’t really work for me and it’s too heavy for my digestion. So now I try to eat more often and I should eat the heaviest meal of the day before 2 p.m. And I shouldn’t eat chocolate, which I don’t actually like that much, but it is the only candy here. I try to learn to take the sugar from my food and keep my glucos levels more balanced. I found that it’s very hard to change your eating habits, but I try to make small changes daily. I was happy to hear that I don’t have to give up eating bread, but the bread should be always toasted. Auervedic diet differs from the typical Western diet quite much, because it includes for example very much oils and quite much carbohydrates and I think that the approach in general is more holistic than in Western diets.

I love mornings and I feel very calm always during the mornings. This also matches with ayerveda, because early morning and night after 6 p.m. is the kapha time. I haven’t been sleeping that much after my practice lately, because I just love the morning energy and I found that quite long Sirsasana returns my energy back, so I don’t feel so tired after the practice anymore. Finishing poses are extremely important and I have really found the usefulness of those poses here.

Have a very energetic day!

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  1. Hey Sis,

    Your ayervedic consultation sounds interesting. Some of the tips are still quite weird. For example adding salt to water means that you try to make your body even drier than now. If you're thirsty you're already suffering from dehydration. So, instead of adding salt to your drinks keep water bottle with you all the time.

    Take care. I wish you were here during the Christmas time. Mum has also got days off. :)