6 Dec 2010

Practices 40 and 41

Monday’s practice was again, how it often is. Stiff and a little bit unfocused. I started backbendings with Sharath, did four smalls, but didn’t go down. It was a good start, because I wasn’t too scared. Shala was quite cold today, because it has been rather cold outside. I think that the night was the coldest here during my whole visit. That’s why Supta Kurma was also so sticky and Thomas couldn’t really help me to close it. Marichyasana D has been difficult to close again, but I don’t worry about it. I know, that I can close it, but I want to take it easy for a while. I did longer finishing poses today and it felt good.

I haven’t really watched out, what I have been eating lately and that affects my practice. Sugar makes me stiff and too much nuts are making me heavy. If I don’t eat within ten hours before my practice, I can feel a huge difference. Practice is so much lighter and I can use my bandhas in a best way. Hopefully I will someday learn to eat in a right way. I love healthy food, but I don’t like to cook. That’s why, it’s brilliant to hang out with Aimee and Maria, because they are so good cooks. I have never been into chocolate that much, but that’s the only candy here, so I have noticed, that I am now too good friend with the famous chocolate man here…

Today I was practicing without adjustments until dropbacks. I was practicing next to American Stacy and she did the whole Second Series. It was quite fun, when Sharath was assisting her with the dropbacks and she touched her knees. Then Sharath watched me and said to me: ”Next.” Hah. Sharath can be so hilarious, because he knows my back problems and can make jokes about it. Today I went down first time. I didn’t feel any pain and Sharath lifted me up. Everything else is okay with dropbacks, but I don’t know, how to come up. I wasn’t afraid of doing dropbacks, because Sharath was supporting me well and I feel that he won’t let me drop down. It’s good to proceed slowly. I noticed, that it is really good to do longer finishing poses. My back feels better, when I keep Sirsasana up for a very long time. Slow progress and baby steps…

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