16 Dec 2010

Practices N:o 51, 52 + 53 and Goodbyes

This week has been a good practice week. On Monday I had a really good practice and Saraswati told me that ”Today, possible.”, when I was doing backbendings. So I went down with her and it was okey. No pain and she lifted me up steadily. I still have no idea, how to come up, but she is very strong woman and she can take me up without problem. Yesterday I did the dropbacks with Sharath and we were laughing afterwards, because I know, that I am so heavy and he is just lifting me up. I hope that one day I will figure out, how to come up. Today I felt a light pain in my back, because I had completely wrong timing with Saraswati and then I was holding her arm, when I came up, because I was in such a wrong position. But all in all, it’s good to practice dropbacks and not feel so much pain.

Today my practice was heavy, but I just decided that I won’t care. I did Marichyasana three times on the left side, before I was able to close it. Sharath was standing next to me, when I finally closed and broke my nail at the same time. His face was worth to see, when I opened the pose and just took off my nail. Hah. I bet he saw a glimpse of my crazy pitta side today! He adjusted me with Supta Kurma, which is still extremely stiff, but today I got the best adjustment. He really pushed hard my lower back and my back was actually straight at least for a while. It is so good, when my back is straight, it is just so difficult to get it straight on my own. When the back is straight, then the weight goes right and the whole pose is more comfortable.

So actually when you really struggle and then you manage to do something, you learn the most. You learn, how strong your mind actually can be and you don’t give up too easily. It is very wicked thing that balance between pushing hard, but not too hard. Day by day I am learning more about my body and my mind, too. When I am listening my body more, I am making slow, but good progress. Sometimes the mind gets over and I forget the whole ahimsa, but during the next day I always try to start with calm mind. For me, ashtanga is most of all a very demanding mental practice.

This week is an enermous goodbye week. This is the only thing, which I don’t like in Mysore. I hate saying goodbyes. Yesterday was specially hard, because my dear friend Maria left. Maria has been one of my best friends here and I really miss her already. She is the best vegetarian soup cook, who I know, and her lemon rice is a killer. She is very beautiful and her smile is the best. Also my friend from Chile, Sebastian, left in the beginning of this week and soon Arne leaves to London. Aimee and her mum are going to Goa in the end of this week, so me, Bubba and Amberlin are kind of lost here. I hope that I could keep all this fantastic persons here forever, but it’s not possible. Hopefully, we see each other soon around the world. Or sooner or later, herein Mysore again.

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