6 Dec 2010

Practice 45 / Like Getting Back to School after Summer Holidays…

What comes to this weekend, it was just perfect! Me, Maria, Ashley, Bubba, Aimee and Amberlin went to an amazing temple nearby on Saturday and Sunday was a sunny pool day, which we started by having a lovely breakfast in Anouki’s garden (if you ever go there, you should try fresh coriander+pineapple+grapefruit juice and vegetarian crêpes). Sometimes you hope that the weekend never ends and this weekend was exactly like that. On Friday in Bubba’s Mansion we ate fresh pesto made by Maria, pasta with tomato sauce, spicy thai soup à la Bubba and cakes, which Sonja brought for us. After Saturday’s temple tour the whole gang headed to Green Hotel and we shared all our dishes together (banana lassi, palak paneer, coconut and jeera rice, vegetarian curry, raita, papadum with onion and fresh tomatoes, chai, ginger tea etc. etc. etc.). During the whole weekend food was delicious and the company was even more delicious!

Monday morning felt like going back to school after summer holidays. You have to do it and you don’t feel like doing it at all. Yesterday I had an enormous energy, but this morning there was none left. So I went to the Shala and I did my very plain, led class practice. No big hoorays, but just simple routine practice. My back felt really good after two days off, but otherwise there was the normal stiffness which always exists after some time off. For some reason I got really frustrated, when one new person took the place where I am usually practicing during the led classes. That was really ridiculous, because you have to be able to practice everywhere, but this morning was very grumpy for me. I was very restless through the whole practice and even went to look for a water bottle, because nobody sprayed my hands. Hah. It’s so funny, how pissed off you can sometimes be without no reason. I think that somehow the energy still feels very different, because of the new people and I am not used to it yet. We all, who have been here already for a while, are a bit upset, because our friends have gone and we feel that we don’t have that much energy or interest to make new friends. I know, that this will change soon, but it’s like sort of grieving period before we are ready to make new friends again.

After the practice I watched the second group. It was easy to notice, that the days off had affected the practices. Some of the people were full of energy and the others were really unbalanced. This was first time, when I saw, that one girl, whose practice is the most stable, which I have ever seen live, was shaking and even came down from an asana. On the other hand Thomas, who is very tall, showed a very beautiful Pincha-Mayurasana today. Because the second group is now way bigger than before, also Saraswati walked around the Shala and assisted some students from the second group. It was funny to see, how Sharath and Saraswati communicate. Sharath gave one asana more to one Brasilian guy, but Saraswati said, that his asana before wasn’t properly done, so he didn’t get one asana more. Saraswati also wanted to start her class early, when Sharath said that his students have to be in front, so that they can do backbendings. And then Sharath had some of his Indian VIPs practicing in the Shala also. So the whole shift for the second group was sort of controlled chaos. Sharath is very talented to handle a big amont of people coming and going.

Watching the second group’s practice is absolutely one of my favorit things here. It’s so much fun to see, how they make progress, how they go back in their practice and how they come forward again. It’s so cool to see, when someone does a break through in his practice. I have also started to observe the adjustment techiques, which Sharath uses. I am sure that Sharath’s led second series class is the hardest in the world, which you can take. Still some people can do it every week and at the moment here is Finnish Heidi among them.

Happy Independence Day Finland!

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