16 Dec 2010

Practices N:o 47, 48 and 49

Thanks God is Friday! Huoh. This whole week has been really heavy. I have struggleg much with my practice, because I haven’t been sleeping. Last night I woke up, when it was midnight and stayed awake until my alarm rang at 3.30 a.m. During the practice I was just shaking and waiting the whole thing to end. I couldn’t even do chakrasana properly and even kids can do that one. I was so shame to show something like that to Sharath, that it was hard to resist the feeling just walk out. After my practice I tried to sleep, but my dreams were really restless.

Tomorrow I am only going to rest. I need some serious sleep.

My practice time is now 4.30 Shala time (4.15 regular time). I like the first group a lot. You can select your spot, start calmly and people around you are really focused on their own practices. We all do the mantra together and then I feel that the energy is sort of coming together then. Sharath has also more time to watch our practices, because he doesn’t have to take care of so much about calling people.

This week was rough, because of my lack of sleep. Saraswati also wants me to go down in dropbacks and I have refused to do that during the whole week. She is giving me some heat because of that and maybe next week I am obliged to go down also with her. My practice is stuck, Supta Kurmasana isn’t really going forward and I still don’t have idea, how to come up from Urdva Dhanurasana. Setu Banddha is maybe lightly better, but that must be the only proggres from this week’s practices. But that’s the way it is. You go forward and then you go back. My lack of sleep can also be caused by dropbacks. People say that often dropbacks energize a lot and I have a long history regarding sleep problems, so it maybe takes a little bit time to adapt this new pose.

At least my eating during this week has been better and healtier. Yesterday I went with Heidi to local post office and afterthat we went to Barista. I had a mango smoothie and then we headed to 6th Main, which is one of my favorit restaurants here. I ate Malai Kofta, which is vegetable ball in cream sauce. On Wednesday I had a lovely lunch with my new Swedish neighbour Linda-Maria and Anna from Amsterdam. We ate in Green Garden and I had my regular tandoori salad, which is roasted, spicy vegetables and absolutely my favorit dish here so far. After our lunch we walked around and went to see the cafeterian inside. There you can have a tea and eat cake. Have to test someday…

Today is full of food dates, which is very typical Friday in Mysore. I skipped this morning’s group breakfast in Santosha, because I was trying to sleep. We are going to have a group lunch in new place and tonight we have Supper Club in Italian style. This will be Maria’s last Supper Club and I am already missing her. This week we had also once Breakfast Club in Aimee’s place and then we said goodbyes to Canadien Sonja. Canadien Darcy left back home also during this week and we had breakfast with her on Thursday. Many of my good friends are leaving before Christmas, so I feel a bit sad. Luckily Aimee, Bubba, Ann and Amberlin are here for a long time with me and some new Finnish people are coming around in January. The hardiest thing here seems to be saying goodbyes to great friends.

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