29 Nov 2010

Friday’s Supper Club, Saturday’s Handcraft Market, Sunday’s Practice Nro 39 and Conference

Time is just flying here! My third month starts soon… On Friday we had a small Supper Club. Me, Brian, Malissa, Maria and Aimee spent a hilarious night in Aimee’s place. For some reason, we all went totally wild and ended up shooting crazy pictures, creating porn names and laughing our brains out. Food was delicious as always and I had one of my favorit dishes, which is Maria’s lemon rice. Fresh coriander, coconut milk, roasted peanuts, fresh lime or citron are some ingredients of the secret recipe…

Day off on Saturday went so quickly. We had a lovely breakfast in Anouki’s (I ate vegan crepes and house’s famous fruit salad, of course chai on the side) and after that we headed to Handcraft Market, which was mostly organized by Sonja and Ashley. They sold handcrafts to collect money against human trafficking. I bought some cards and we spent the whole day hanging out on terrace. The weather was perfect for the market and I think that we all just enjoyed the day.

This morning I headed to the Shala after quite good sleep. I practiced on my favorit spot, next to people, who I didn’t know and Helena behind me. Sharath was assisting me four times! First with Uthita Hasta Padangustasana, then with Ardha Baddha Padmottanasana. He came over me also during Marichyasana D, which was very sticky today, but finally I closed it by myself. Then he helped me to close properly Urhva Mukha Paschimattanasana and told me: ”Don’t fall!”, when he rushed to help someone else. I know, I am really spoilt here…

After my practice, I watched the second group practicing. I was happy to see that there was a girl, who had exactly the same body type as mine practicing among the other stars. Huh. That gave me hope, because this curvy body of mine isn’t really the most ideal one for ashtanga. In the beginning of the second group’s practice Sharath told one girl not to practice with that group. You can practice with second group only, if Sharath invites you to practice with them. Sharath gave his best today, when he showed to the second group, how Mayurasana should be balanced. Not head up, not legs up, but equally balanced. Hah. It’s easy, when you can, and Sharath can show asana like that without any preparations!

After my practice I went for a breakfast to Santosha and chatted with Ann and American Maggie. After that I had chanting class and then Aimee gave me the most relaxing massage. It was so fantastic just to lay still during one hour and enjoy the music plus Aimee’s perfect treatment. We hanged out in her place until it was time to go to this week’s conference. The conference was very entertaining today. Sharath’s daughter wanted to sing to us and it was so cute. Sharath talked about bindu and the importance of Sirsasana as well as other finishing poses. Once again he repeated to us, how we should behave here, because one student of our school had caused here problems for him and at the same time to our school. It’s unbelievable, how difficult it is for some people to understand, that this isn’t Europe or the States. Local people are all the time watching us and everything goes to Sharath’s ears, if we misbehave. Lovely conference however and I really appreciated, how Sharath handled this problem very openly.

I have very good feeling to start this week. I am a bit nervous about the drop backs, but hopefully this week goes smoothly and maybe I can practice next to my Mysore magic Lock tomorrow… Can’t wait!

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