22 Dec 2011

Christmas Week and It's Cold!

It has been so cold today. Personally I am fine with the weather like this, because as much as I love sun, superhot weather makes me just sleepy. And I don’t like to practice, when the shala is boiling, it feels like I can’t get enough air to breath. After all these years of traveling, I know, that I love four seasons and my favorite climate is in France. Summers in Finland are special, but winters are just too much. Never-ending darkness just isn’t my thing.

My practice today was ok. I don’t have that much back pain anymore, now it’s my right hip which hurts. I have started to lift up Urdva Dhanurasana and I can feel it under shoulder blades. But all in all I am very suprized, how fast the practice is coming back. It feels like everything is there, I just have to put the pieces together. Chakrasana is still impossible. It’s the only pose, which I can’t do from Primary Series. I think that I won’t do drop-backs during this trip, but on the other hand I still have one month left and it’s hard to say, how fast I can heal.

Today I cooked first time at home. I never cook in India, because the food is so cheap to eat out here. Eating out is also very social event here, big part of your day. I get bored with my food very easily, so that’s why I cooked at home today. Indian food is heavy, so time to time I really need something else. Vivian’s Taiwanese buffet is a good option on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but at the moment I am eagerly waiting my avocados to ripe. Last season I couldn’t find any, but we got lucky in Easy Day (a new supermarket here) and now I am just waiting…

Like last year, I assume that Christmas won’t be a big thing here. We will practice normally through the whole week, because Moon Day is this year on Saturday, which is off anyway. My friend Yan is organizing a B-day lunch on Saturday and on Friday I will be working as waitress for charity party. For some reason I am craving after chocolate, which I don’t normally eat that much. Maybe my body is telling me, that it’s Christmas time…

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