21 Dec 2011

Good Week and Sweet Friends

My beautiful Danish friend Helena arrived and we had long, lovely dinner at Green Hotel on Thursday. Helena is bubbling, spicy and so much fun, that I am always in a good mood, when I am around her. After dinner we had chai from Amruti Café and just watched the street life on the Main Road. India by night never stops amaze me.

On Friday it was Sharath’s led. Led is so hard for me, because it’s fast. I had a strange night before Friday’s led, I hardly slept at all. But class was okey and breakfast at Anouki afterwards good, too. I finally had a chat with Ursula, who has been teaching in Phuket during the last three months. It was also nice to hear about her life in Japan, because she used to teach in Osaka for three years. Japanese culture is fascinating, it’s so different. Full of hidden rules, high expectations, strong pressure and great traditions. When everything must be so perfect, it causes so many problems, too. And yoga reveals those problems easily. When Ursula started to teach in Osaka, she couldn’t speak Japanese and people didn’t really speak English. So she went to see her friend every week with a list of words regarding yoga, which her friend translated to her and that way she learned to teach in Japanese. I bet that life was interesting and hard during those three years.

The most amazing thing with this week is, that my back feels good. It’s so hard to believe that it’s true. No back pain, now my right leg is hurting, but life is just easier, when my back is not the problem. I can even sit down still for a moment without pain. This just makes me very happy and tells me that Mysore is a good place for me to be.

Yesterday Yan invited me to Mexican dinner party. We had a good group of yogis, everybody brought some food and we watched sunset on Yan’s roof. It was so peaceful up there. And the food! It was so good, Jen’s chocolate cake, Shelley’s polenta with beans and herbs, Joye’s masala chai cake (it tasted like Christmas) and Kranti’s superstrong coctail which we called ”the bomb”. After all that eating and loud music we hit the new club Fluid in Mysore. It was good to dance and meet some new people. I am so lazy to go out, but sometimes it’s worth the effort.

I had Saturday’s brekkie with Maria. It’s our one-on-one date, where we talk and eat Indian food. I will have my cup of chai+set dosa and we talk about Mysore and life. With Maria everything is great, she is so natural and we have certain common understanding about things. With good friends you don’t always have to talk so much, you just get other person’s thougts anyway. Good friendship feels natural and easy, there is nothing forced. Friendships in Mysore evolves fast and get very deep, because people are over your face everyday. You get to know them well and you really cherish every moment here with them.

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