21 Dec 2011

Sunday Is Super!

Sunday is so my favorite day in Mysore, because we have so much program comparing to other days. My practice on Sunday is 5.45 a.m. and I was so tired this morning, when I woke up. But Sunday’s led is much easier for my body than Friday’s, because after day off you just don’t have that much muscle pain. My back felt still good and I got a good spot next to Todd. It’s always so much easier to practice next to somebody, who you know. I kicked Todd today accidently and it’s just so much nicer to kick your friend than somebody stranger. And when you are practicing next to a friend, they don’t care, what you do. I feel more comftable to do my wierd vinyasa next to my friends. I know, that it shouldn’t matter, but it just feels homey.

After my led I watched led Second. That group has never been so big, when I have been here. Asta did her debut with that group and other people from Helsinki (Hanne, Pia, Heidi, Raisa, Dan) did well, too. And the group is getting bigger again next week, because so many students have arrived, who are normally practicing with that group. In Mysore also the more advanced students practice only led Primary during their first week here. So that’s why for example Kino and Todd were with our group today. Led Second is still only by invitation and today there was one guy to who Sharath said after standing poses to go home. I think that student was a new one, who didn’t know, how everything works here.

I still have half of the day left and chanting is my next class. I went directly on level two, because all my friends are with that group. This time it’s hard to fit in that chanting class, because my practic during the week ends so late and after practice I am just starving.

Can’t wait today’s conference, because I missed last week’s. I think that during next week I will go and speak with Sharath privately about my practice and Setu Bandha. I am very relieved that my back feels so much better. Now the pain is on my right hip, but it’s easier to handle. I just would like to learn, what is causing all this pain. Maybe Sharath has some ideas, what I should do differently.

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