13 Dec 2011

Mama’s Led, Sharath’s Led and Obligatory Rest

On Thursday I did my first led under Mama’s eyes. We call Saraswati as Mama. Even boys can be a little bit afraid of Mama’s love. Yes, she likes to give strong adjustments. Saraswati is a supercool lady, I don’t know anybody here, who doesn’t respect her highly. She is just so strong, real superwoman. She is normally teaching first her own class and then she arrives to help Sharath. But on Thursday she was teaching the last led class and I was with that group. I liked her counting, but I was struggling with my practice and skipped the key poses in the middle of the series. I just didn’t want to stress my back too much. She gave me one adjustment, which wasn’t too strong and I was happy about that.

Friday and Saturday were off, because they like to give us a long weekend, when Moonday is close to the weekend. On Friday I went to down town with Noora. We walked around the center and streets were quite empty. We went to see some gold jewelry (I would love to buy gold, Indian earrings finally) and saw my friend Hanne, who just arrived from Finland. On Sunday I went for my first Indian breakfast, which was some chai and set dosa. Then Tasia and I had some coffee in Barista, where I saw my Canadian friend Darcy, who just got out of plane. After all that caffeine, we went to hang out at Tasia’s place and Joycee invited us for a lunch. When you spent here a lot of time, you get always very excited about lunch invitation at somebody’s home, because the food is something else than Indian. I love Indian food, but when you have to eat it everyday, you just start to be sick of it. I knew most of the people, who came for the lunch and we ate some Asian noodles. The rest of the day I just spent at home watching TV-series and chilling out.

On Sunday I woke up, didn’t feel too well, but thought that I only had a bad night and lack of sleep. I walked to the Shala, waited around 45 minutes before we got inside for the led class. My practice started ok, but during the standing poses I started to feel that something was wrong. It was really hot and I started to feel dizzy. In the middle of the seated postures my hands started to shake and I knew that something was wrong. My hands never shake during the practice. It felt like there was a heavy cloud on top of me and I couldn’t breathe. The cloud just felt heavier and heavier on top of me and stopped practicing after Marichyasana C. I waited there for a while, my face was totally sweat, but I was freezing. I had no strength left. First I thought that I would wait until closing postures, but then I started to feel that I will vomit. I took my mat and left.

Back home I walked directly to my bed and slept three hours. My belly hurted and I got fever. So India hit me. Stomack flu and obligatory rest. I missed Sunday, my favorite day in Mysore, because I couldn’t go to conference and watch led Second. I stayed in bed the whole day and kept answering my mobile. It’s pretty dramatic here, if somebody leaves in the middle of the class. Also so many of my friends were waiting outside the Shala for led Second, when I walked out, that the news spred fast. Alin came over and Maria brought me some soda later. So many of my friends called.

Today my fever has gone down, but I have to take tomorrow still off. I feel very weak, my belly still hurts. My Malesian friend Yan came over today, she brought me some food and we finally had a chance to catch up. I saw her last time in Bali, when I stayed in her villa. It was good to talk and eat fresh food.

It’s hard to stay out of the Shala, but I know, that I am not in shape to practice. I must do this Indian detox first…


  1. Hi, I am practicin with "Mama". It is just comming 21 yers, when I started Practicing Yoga. I became Guruji´s student at 1997, then only 12 students fitted at Yogashala. My blog is in finnish. If you wanna shere some comments, be my guest.


  2. Thanks for your comment, Ilpo! I also hope that I will come back here years after years. Must have a look of your blog, too.