24 Dec 2011

Merry Christmas!

I love my room in Mysore, because every morning I can bathe in sunlight. My balcony is facing the morning sun and my room is full of light 6.30 a.m. I can now wake up without alarm, my body knows, when it’s the time to wake up.

I started my Christmas morning with fresh, self-made orange juice and green tea. I went to bed early last night feeling a bit low, because of my brutal massage and hurting neck, but I woke up this morning happy after good sleep. Good sleep is essential for me, without it I am not myself. I made a good decision yesterday, when I decided to skip one charity party and just stay in. I am not tired now and my sleeping routine is in order.

Today I am invited to Christmas lunch with over 20 people. I am trying to keep my Christmas spirits up and enjoy good food as well as company. I am facing here the same troubles as at home, so many tempting invititations and incredibly hard to decide, where to go. Finally I decided to stay in Gokulam and just go with the flow. Hoping to have a breakfast with Finnish friends and then see my international group.

I miss my Mami today. She is a talented cook and loves to pamper her daughters. I think that my dad is decorating the Christmas tree now and my sister is excited about her gifts. Not the ones, which she will receive, but the ones, which she can give. She loves to buy gifts. I am also missing my dear friends all over the world, who are not with me today. I have shared Christmas Eves and Days with different friends in various countries and I will never forget those times.

Christmas peace is here now. Om shanti.

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