30 Dec 2011


I didn’t practice on Sunday, my neck was still off and I got some fever. On Monday morning I struggled a lot. Should I go or should I stay? If I go, am I able to take it easy or am I gonna be carried away? What about practicing at home? I am glad that I went, I did pretty decent half-Primary, Sharath came over asking me about the drop-backs, but I looked scary and said no. He was merciful and said: ”Next week.” So hopefully next week is full power and no fear.

I practiced on Monday again next to Todd and it was just hilarious. He likes to talk. He likes to joke. So I ruined my Uthita Parshvakona B totally, because I started to laugh at him. When Todd was doing Karandavasana with Mama, they had a little talk about the adjustment. I had difficulties to keep my face straight, when Todd said to Mama, that I go down alone and then you gonna lift up my heavy body. He is so much fun and it’s good to practice next to somebody with who you can actually have some fun. Ashtanga shouldn’t be so serious all the time.

Today I was between big people. The guy on my right was tall, but he had so good shala manners. The girl on my right was Russian and they are so pushy with their practices. You can almoust feel, how much they push. I know that Finnish people are stubborn with their practices, but Russian people are on another level. Sometimes I am afraid that they gonna kill themselves (or me). They both did Second, so I moved pretty much back and forward to give them some space. I did whole Primary except Setu Bandha. Practice was heavy, because the shala was so hot today. I don’t do well with that, it feels like I can’t get enough air. Every morning when I woke up, my nose is blocked, so that also gives me a feeling, that my inhale is so weak. So obviously I am not yet in shape, but hopefully I can practice through the rest of the week. Neck is still off, but it’s not getting worst. I feel positively about it, it will heal fast.

Sharath moved my time finally, I practice now 8.30 a.m. I have to pay my next month’s shala fee this week, so he might give me a new starting time. I am pretty ok with 8.30 a.m., because I can still sleep and I finish a bit earlier, so that I will have more time before chanting etc. And I can close inside the shala, which is good for my back.

Time is going so fast here. My first month is almoust over… Bubba arrived last week, Mikko will be here tomorrow, Anriikka is coming in the beginning of January and Aimee in January, too. Time is so different here. People are coming and going, it’s like own time zone. Your life settles around your practice. Sometimes one breath can be so long and then you face days, when nothing moves. Time to take every second in or at least every ray of light. Christmas time in Finland has been very stormy, so I have to enjoy the sun now.

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