5 Dec 2011

Gypsy Girl Goes to India…

Spark is back! On my way to Mysore… It has been a while since I wrote last time and so so many things have happened, but I promised to my Finnish yoginis to start posting again, so here I am, writing at the airport of Chennai. It’s 2 a.m. and this airport is horrible, even a bit scary, but luckily I found a lounge, where I can sit down without creepy men staring at me all the time. I mean I am the only woman in this lounge, but at least these men here are wearing a suit (I am wearing my sporty clothes) and they don’t talk to me. Outside the lounge, in the departure hall some passengers are sleeping on the floor under newspapers. Yes, this isn’t my favorite airport for sure.

I forgot, how exhausting it is to travel alone and specially take three different flights (+two taxi rides and one bus) to actually get here. When you travel alone, you have to always carry all your luggages with you for example when you go to the toilet. But I am just glad that I got my luggage. I always take my mat on plane and my mat bag is packed with training clothes, too. I just don’t wanna lose my mat and start practicing without my own stuff.

So this time my plan is to practice two months with Sharath. My back is still in pretty bad shape. I injured it in Sydney and that was the reason, why I flew back home in July (months earlier than originally planned). After my injury I started my practice basicly from zero again, starting with modified sun salutations and adding more poses slowly. I did only standing poses almoust two months. Helsinki was the best place to heal my back at that time, because I had my own teachers there, all my friends practicing around me every morning and my osteo helping me, too. Miisa helped me to build up a new base for my practice, Hanne was able to keep me calm and Pete just gave so much his healing energy for me, that a couple weeks ago I was ready to add all the poses of Primary. I was also practicing with Sharath in Helsinki and he was often standing next to my mat, when counting led Primary. He asked everyday, how I was and I got some personal tips to help my back from him, too.

Without my friends I wouldn’t be here now. So many people offered their help for me in Finland, so that I was able to save some money and get my tickets fixed back to India. I have been a true gipsy girl, because I kept my things at the storage and lived in five different places around Helsinki. This lifestyle isn’t for everybody, but it worked for me, because I had so many amazing friends back home, who opened their doors for me. I am so spoilt with good people! And I owe so much the rest of my life for some people. Thank you.

I am sure that this time Mysore will be very different than last time. I have to do a very easy-going practice and I might not be able to do led classes. But I am just very very happy to be able to practice with Sharath. There is no place like Mysore’s shala in the whole world! I am so excited to see all my friends from the last season. All my Americans are coming and Finnish girls around the world are getting back to Mysore, too. I can’t wait to take chanting classes again, see my new place (my Australian friend Deva rented her home for me) and have some morning chai as well as dosa. India will be such a crazy experience again and I must say that as crazy as it is, I have missed that chaos. I feel so alive in Mysore. I can only focus on my practice, learn new things and meet amazing people. It’s my dusty paradise on Earth.

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