21 Dec 2011

Dream Practices

OMG! This Indian detox totally worked. I have had two great practices. My back pain has been mild and I have just enjoyed the ride. I am still practicing alone, Saraswati gave me an adjustment in Supta K today, otherwise I am left alone. I forgot to do Urdva Dhanurasana today, so that might be one of the reasons, why my practice feels easier. I am trying to learn to do Setu Bandhasana properly, it’s an interesting pose, because it looks like everybody has their own style to do it. I should go and ask Sharath, where the weight should be in that pose and what is the correct position of the head.

Yesterday I practiced next to Hanne. It was interesting, because I have never practiced next to her before. It is so strange, when somebody who is normally teaching you, is actually practicing next to you. But she was a very good shala neighbour. By that I mean that some people are really nice shala neighbours and others are horrible. Good shala neighbour knows how to give some space and take their turn. Good shala neighbours mind their own business, don’t kick, don’t go over the mat (unless really necessary) and don’t smell. Yes. This last one is really important. There’s nothing so horrible than stinky neigbour. I also don’t like people, who walk over my mat or move my mat. Man. Just don’t do that.

Finnish mafia is here! So happy about that. Yesterday I saw so many Finnish people practicing at the same time with me, that it felt almoust like practicing back home. Asta always walks out of the shala, when I am coming in. Danish Helene arrived yesterday, so I saw her smiling at the shala, too. Hanne has been here for a while as well as Maarit. I saw Teija practicing first time yesterday and Tuomas was behind me today after Raisa warmed up the spot for him. Riikka from Kuopio was practicing yesterday too and of course Noora has been here a while too. I am not the only Finn anymore, but my Americans still like to call me ”the Finn”.

I haven’t been so social lately. I just like to be at home and relax. Yesterday I was pretty brave and went to Sasha’s birthday. She is a supernice girl, good friends with my dear friend Maria. House was packed, so much nice food and a singing cake! They had found somewhere a candle for the cake, which opened and keep playing a birthday song. That was one kinda Chinese-Indian masterpiece. And after all these months in Mysore, I saw a cute Indian yogi at the party. Indian children are so cute and pretty, but the men… Oh boys! In general, I have seen more Indians practicing with us than last season and that’s really cool. I think that it’s really good for the general energy, that we all can practice together. I think that the problem is more that Indians prefer their own shift. Traditional Indian girls dress up differently (some women even wear their saris during the practice) and I bet that they don’t feel comfortable in the middle of sweating Western men and woman. But it looks like that even traditional Mysore is getting more modern step by step.

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