23 Dec 2011


That’s the word, how my massage therapist Joycee described my body. She asked me, what I have done to my body, because my back is so swollen… Just some yoga, you know. She said that my body has taken so much pain, that it’s become numb. Now my body is covered by bruises, some are size of my palm. I am hoping that Joycee’s treatment is doing me good, not sure about that yet.

On Wednesday night I felt pretty good and did some yin yoga. Then I decided to try chakrasana and I was able to do it again! It has always been ridiculously easy pose for me (I learned it, when I was a kid). And I have had difficulties to understand, why somebody couldn’t do it. But we all have our challenges. My challenge seems to be, how I can practice without injuring myself constantly.

Because of that night training on Wednesday, I propably strained my neck. I woke up on Thursday and my neck was sore, but I thought that’s nothing serious and went for my practice. Just to walk out after standing poses. I couldn’t turn my neck to the left at all. And I couldn’t hold any weight on my left arm. So there wasn’t much vinyasa happening…

There was no way taking led class today. I still can’t turn my head. So frustrating, but I am hoping that this injury will heal fast, because I have had it before. It’s related to my back, the pain moves away from my back under the shoulder blades and then it comes to my neck. Normally Supta K can cause this pain for me, but this time it was chakrasana.

It would be interesting to speak with somebody, who has similar body type as I have. I don’t feel that much pain during the practice (unless it’s nerve pain), I am quite flexible, but after practice, when my body gets cold, I am sometimes starting to feel insane pain. Many teachers are assisting me in a very strong way, because they don’t know my body type and I have to often tell them to take it easy with adjustments. And when this flexibility is mixed with very pitta character, it’s pretty damaging combo. So one of my best teachers is always telling me to try less. Sharath is here very protective with me, his assistants are not allowed to touch me. Then I should just learn to protect myself from myself…

So what can I say? Always respect the pose, even the easiest one.


  1. why don't you see a doctor? You are damaging yourself.

  2. Oh I have seen doctors. They said that there is nothing to do. And I have tried so many different body treatments, too. I will see one doctor here again. I am practicing with the best teacher in the world here, he knows my problems as well as body and my practice is of course modified.

    I have spent so much money on my back during the past years, that I don't even wanna count. And my insurance doesn't cover any back problems anymore. Only practice has really helped me so far...

    So I am hoping not to damage myself, but keep my spirits up and believe that I can heal. Everyday is very different and I am trying to learn about my limits. What I can do, what I can't do and what is the safe way to do things.