2 Nov 2010

19th Practice / Very Good Indeed!

Like I thought, my muscles were quite sore this morning. I walked to the Shala and the waiting room was full of people, who I didn’t know. Sharath called me first in and told, that I should come tomorrow at 5.30 a.m. So I have to start my practice tomorrow at 5.15 a.m. regular time. Btw. It’s good to know, that when you wait in the waiting room, the old students go first in. It doesn’t matter, if you arrived before to the waiting room, the old students (who arrived to Mysore before you) will pass you and then you go in.

My spot was next to the main door and first it bothered me a bit, because Sharath called often ”One more / Two more / Wait” next to me and went to check the people in waiting room. I was quite stiff in the beginning and because it was raining outside the air was very humid and sorf of heavy, too. When my body got warmer, the practice started to be more focused. When the start is sticky, I start to listen to my breath and then it’s easier to concentrate. Uthita Hasta Padangusthasana was very wobbling again, but Marichyasana D was closed alone both sides. Sharath didn’t see that, because he went to the office on that moment. Bhujapida is coming back to me, too. It’s stronger and I can keep my heels off the floor. Now, I should get my heels back and up and then it would be more by the book.

Sharath came to assist me with Kurmasana. He just touched my back really lightly and I went much deeper to the pose. I didn’t feel any pain, I was actually very relaxed. I was able to keep my hands together almoust the whole time in Supta Kurma and I managed to jump back without touching the floor. So when I finished the pose, Sharath said very good and promised that I can do Garbha Pindasana tomorrow. I said: ”Cool!”. Oh jeah! My rocking chair is back! Can’t wait to hit the floor tomorrow. Hah. I am very happy, because Supta Kurma is easily the most difficult asana for me and now I passed it. I still have so much work to do with Primary Series, but it’s nice to get one asana more. I can build up my strength more.

I have to say, that led class isn’t always so hilarious time, but it really builds up your strength. I am much stronger now. I can keep my Sirsasana up much longer than before and every fight with Navasana it’s worth it. So it’s in the name of led class!

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