11 Nov 2010

25th Practice

Today mysterious energy and secrect strength just took me up in Sirsasana with straight legs first time in my life. I haven’t tried to get up in Sirsasana with straight legs in ages and yesterday I decided to try it. I thougth, that it’s impossible for me after yesterday’s experiences, but today I just walked as near my head as possible and all of the sudden my legs started to rise. Just like that. This showed once again, that when I don’t expect anything from my practice, everything happens just like that. My legs came up, when I wasn’t thinking anything special.

Today I had a good day again. My mind was very focused and I got a good spot next to Ursula. I just got inside the Shala before mantra and I was able to start my day with common mantra among other students. Beginning of the practice was quite interesting, because beetles walked through one girl’s mat and she started to scream and we all started to watch, what was going on, and after a while you started to hear nervous giggling around the Shala. I remember once in Purple Valley, when ants decided to trek through the shala and we were obliged to move our mats and give some space for the ants.

Sharath assisted me with Uthita Hasta Padangusthasana. That asana is actually getting a bit better. It is not so wobbling anymore and I feel some control over that asana. Sharath helped me in Supta Kurma, too. It is easier to close my hands now, but I’m not able to close my hands without help. Today I managed to do the transfer from Supta Kurma to Bakasana. It looks ridiculous, when I am hanging there and my legs are all over, but there is no other way to learn it. Sharath was behind me, when I did Kukkutasana and gave me one pose more. So Baddhakonasana is my last pose now. With that pose, it’s easy to see that I have gained more flexibility here. I put my chin against the floor first time in my life and I wasn’t even trying so much. I am so happy that my hips are opening and the progress is very stable here. Sharath is teaching me gradually and it really works for me. He is not giving me new asanas before my whole practice is stable until the final asana. Sharath wants to see control through the whole practice and he wants to see the stable practice every day. When you can show that, he will give you new asanas.

And you know what? I almous skipped my practice today, because I felt so tired. And now I feel so energetic, that I could run 10 kilometres. And I don’t even like running.


  1. Congratulations Sis! You're developing every day - nice. :)

    I skipped my practice today because I met my friends but yoga is going fine anyway. I'm much flexible than ever because I haven't been doing any kind of sports for a while and my muscles are smaller. :D Next week I'll do the longer practice because the beginners' group is always so full and the teacher has told me to do so.
    Miss you! <3

  2. Flexibility is cool! Waiting to hear about your practice with advanced group. Soon it will be Mysore practice for you, too. Love back to you, bella mia.