26 Nov 2010

My Practices Nro 35 & 36

H-E-A-V-Y, that’s the word to describe my past practices. I have been lucky to practice next to Lock, my magic, but still I have felt the practice very intense and demanding. The energy yesterday in the Shala was so heavy. Both me and Lock felt completely beated up during and after the practice. I even saw him walking between some asanas and he is the guy, who can do all the liftings nicely directly to the poses. Somebody has eaten all my energy and I want it back!

Of course the practice is very demanding now, because I got the whole Primary together. I love to practice the whole serie. The practice feels good and I love the final poses. It’s so nice to roll around and really test your balance. Today, we had so funny moment, when one Japanese guy, Jumpe, did a very Japanese sound in the middle of the practice and Sharath said: ”No Samurai!”. Hah. We just cracked up totally and I couldn’t watch Lock next to me during the coming asanas, because I would have started to laugh so much. It was so hilarious, the whole Shala was laughing and we had so much difficulties to keep our faces straight.

The Shala is full now. Yesterday, when I arrived, there were only two empty spots and today both waiting room as well as changing room were full of people doing finishing poses. I am so pleased to start almoust in the first group, so I don’t have to wait before my practice. Now we have to be really awake, when doing for example Garbha Pindasana, so that we don’t roll over each others’ mats. But you can just imagine, how intense the practice is, when there is almoust hundered persons practicing next to each other. Energy is so strong!

Ahu will be leaving on Friday as well as Malissa. We have had such a nice group here and many people have said, that this has been their best time in Mysore. I am so gonna miss the girls, but before goodbyes, we are going to have a Thanksgiving lunch together. Hey. Brian’s house will be full, because over 50 persons have been invited. Can’t wait that party!!!

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