9 Nov 2010

24th Practice

What I really love herein Mysore are the mornings. It’s so beautiful, when you walk back home after your practice. Sun is rising and the village is waking up. Air is fresher than during the day and mostly only birds and old people are awake. It feels like time stops some way. You are not in a hurry, you are just happy where you are. It’s your piece of sky or your piece of heaven. Heaven on Earth.

It’s this after-yoga bliss. You can feel it in Annankatu, too. The light comes through the windows gradually. Your energy grows hand in hand with the light. After Savasana you open your eyes and Annankatu’s shala is full of light. In Koh Mak this bliss came during the morning swim. You left your sweaty yoga clothes behind and jumped to the sea. Time stopped and you only felt the refreshing water around you. In Purple Valley you walked to the shala in darkness. Inside the shala you started your practice in candlelight. Indians had decorated the shala with flowers and you felt that something bigger had been there. You could only hear your friends breathing around you. Light started to come inside and you felt stronger. Sometimes during the Savasana you could hear the monkeys running on the roof. Yes. I have touched the sky so many times.

Today’s practice was stable. I had the same energy level through the whole practice. No great tiredness, no big energy boosts. Just very good, stable practice. I think that today’s practice was like it should be. Focused and strong. And then at some point you will get a new asana and the stability is quite gone. Until you build up your energy back and it’s stable again for a while. Little, but good progress with Yoga Mudra today. I can almoust close the asana now. I can touch my toes with my fingers, but I can’t take proper grip. Slowly, slowly and I will close it.

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