15 Nov 2010

Led Class, Santosha, Green Market, Chanting, Conference, Yoga Sutras…

As you can see from the subtitle, my Sunday was full of program. I am not here really in a busy, but I don’t have difficulties to spend my days… It’s brilliant to be able to decide your own scheduale. I can have long lunches with my friends, I can have a sleep after my practice, if I like and I can be alone, but I will meet everyday my friends, when I am walking around here or we have some common classes. This is very ideal way of living. Some people are working from here and I don’t see any problem with that either.

Today’s practice started in a bit nervous way, because we were moving the mats so that one guy could fit inside the shala. Then we started the practice and Sharath told him to do his practice in the waiting room. That was good, because we were really too near each other.

My body was still tired after last week’s practices and for example my knees were sore, which is very rare. Also the air inside the Shala was very heavy today and general energy felt a bit heavy too. However, my practice was ok. I kept Navasana and Sirsasana up the whole counting and also Utplutih was a bit better today. I got horrible adjustment in Uthita Hasta Padangusthasana, because the girl was adjusting me behind me, so I couldn’t grip my toe properly and felt extremely shaky. Sharath assisted me with Baddhakonasana, which was again very light adjustment. I have so much work to do with Urdva Dhanurasana and I would also like to figure out, how I can get my feet through in Bjudapidasana. I think, that I just have to ask Sharath, what’s wrong with those asanas. My back hurts still, so I don’t want to push myself to the extreames, but some slow progress in those asanas could be my next step. After my own class I watched the second group practicing. That group is getting also bigger, so there is more girls doing the advanced practice too.

We had a nice group breakfast in Santosha and after that I went to Green Market with Maria. We bought some lettuce, which was great, because I so miss fresh salads here. You have to be very careful with fresh products, so I boiled the salad in hot water before I ate it. Not really so fresh salad after that, but better than nothing. Chanting class was at 11 a.m. and after that I studied some sutras, so that it would be easier to follow the teacher during the afternoon's philosophy class.

Sharath was in a funny mood today and conference was much of fun. Once again we talked quite much about yamas and niyamas. Sharath showed some details regarding certain asanas and some people asked about drishtis. It was nice to notice, that in Annankatu teachers have teached the asanas in a correct way. Good point was that we shouldn’t touch the floor when we bend the knees in Suryanamaskara B and drishtis should be sharp and exact, not blurry. Sharath started the conference by asking, what is yoga. Three persons answered and one got it right. Sharath also talked about the importance of led class and asked, who weren’t present today’s led classes. Sharath said that from now on he will ask the people who are not present in led classes the reason, why they were absent. If the reason isn’t valid, they have to pay fine of 500 rupees. I don’t know, if he was kidding, but I would be ok with that system. Led classes are totally for our own good. It’s like a test twice a week, how your practice is progressing and can you count the vinyasas correctly. After conference I rushed to philosophy class and was back at home around six. Some food and then sleep, because tomorrow’s practice is early again. 4.45 a.m sharp!

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